Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Migraine/Headache Help

Yesterday, I found myself in the throws of a serious headache situation... and by serious - I mean block the sun... mute the entire world... tunnel vision... PAIN.

I used to be able to take Tylenol or really any other variety of pain relief products out there - but since having weight loss surgery... I don't absorb pills much at all anymore. So I find it better to use alternative medication methods whenever possible.

Since they don't make an injectable headache medicine... and lets face it - liquid meds are disgusting... the more palatable they try to make them, the grosser they become.

Around Christmas time - my sister introduced me to the BEST thing ever invented. It's called the My*Grastick.

Ya'll - who knew that a combination of peppermint oil and lavender oil could save your life like this?! You simply roll the stick along your temples, forehead and the base of your neck... and it starts pulsing and by God's grace gets rid of the pain.

I'm telling you - I haven't used Tylenol or anything else in 4 months!

It didn't quite save me from my mess yesterday - but with all the medicines I'm on - there isn't really any way to know what might have been causing it.... but I will tell you that I HIGHLY recommend it to any and everyone!

It does say that you shouldn't use it while pregnant - and I've heard something before about peppermint and pregnancy not being a good combination, but you could certainly talk to your doctor about it - since it is nothing more than natural oils.

It works for me... and if you suffer from frequent headaches... it might work for you too.

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  1. Peppermint is good for many things. I drink peppermint tea and take peppermint/ginger/fennel pills as well. Thanks for the headache tip!

  2. I have used plain peppermint essential oil on my temples before
    (which is technically a no-no, you shouldn't use essential oil without a carrier oil.) And it can really help.

    Except for the one time I put it on (with my fingertips) and then applied make-up; the foundation acted as a great carrier oil for under my eyes. I felt like I was on a York Peppermint Patty commercial.


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