Sunday, April 19, 2009

House 1, Me 0

This weekend so far has been all about helping my best friend and her husband with their painting and move into their first home. It has also been the weekend that we've gotten over 5 inches of rain! I should have dumped the rain gauge on Friday night, but I didn't... so all I know is we've gotten at least 5 inches.... because the thing is full.

Anyway, we went and helped them Friday night paint their bedroom the most amazing smokey blue color... and laughed so much... this couple is so much fun, and we truly are blessed to know them and have them in our lives.

Yesterday, I got up early to make my famous chicken spaghetti... look back at Q&A Wednesday this week for a link to the recipe... just so that they'd have something at the house they could eat during all of this fun painting.

Then set off to get in on the painting fun myself. I had NO idea how much work it really is... but the project is painting their entire house... which they've been working on since Thursday! It's getting close to being finished.

I was able to help paint in their daughter's room... a lovely shade of faint lavender... which is a Disney color called Glass Slipper - which of course "L" knows and is happy to inform you. Then I helped paint the upstairs hallway... which is a lovely sort of tuscan brown that is going in almost all of the house.

My job in all of this was the cutting in... you know the painting around doorways, electrical plugs... the detailed stuff you can't get with the roller. I LOVED it... I can't think of anything that I've done in a while that I enjoyed more. I even went to sleep dreaming of painting my kitchen... and the other couple of areas of our house that I've wanted to paint. Maybe I'll get around to it soon.

I also as we were falling asleep asked John if I could paint the porch railings when we put them in... ya'll - I've found an illness.

I missed out on the Girls Night Out that I was planning on going to, but I just couldn't swing it -I needed to just sit and be still... which in the course of talking with Renee's husband while painting... and allowing myself to sort of be still in the moment - I've made a decision... that I'll tell you about later today in another post.

This morning, however, I'm in desperate need of a Starbucks... and am acutely aware of every muscle in my back... I guess I've never used them before - but WOW! Now we're off to church - see ya back around here later!


  1. Know what? It is so much more fun to paint someone else's house. You are able to go home to a nice normal place and not smell paint fumes all night long.

    Having painted one room by myself - ok the kids helped with about 5 square feet while I did the other bazzillion square feet - I can tell you the fun goes out of it fast.

  2. Should I ever have a home to paint, I'm enlisting your services! The cutting in is my least favorite part. I'm a roller-girl! ha! :-)

    Can't wait to hear what your news is! And I hope you get lots and lots of traffic from your post at THAT Family!


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