Friday, April 17, 2009

Favorite Friday

(I totally made that!! I'm so proud...)

Lets face it - right now... I'm hard up for topics... or at least ones that aren't painful to write... and probably equally painful to read...

So my little brain started thinking... and I'm working on another feature similar to this... because well - it's fun to be able to showcase some of my blog friends! I think each blog I read is FANTASTIC and I want to give you all the opportunity to check out the stories of others that I think are interesting.

Thus the idea for Friday Favorites was born... the concept is that you each look through your posts for the week and decide on one favorite that you want to link up and share with the class.

There really aren't any rules on what posts count - because honestly - the blogs that I read are each special in their own right, and have very different themes... from Mommy blogs, Christian Women blogs, Weight Loss Surgery blogs to Infertility blogs... all of us have a unique story to tell...

So, read through your posts... and see what you find to be your Friday Favorite... I'll link mine to get us started...
The only thing I ask in return is that you consider putting up a post on your own blog linking back to our fun list of posts - so that we can share the good stories, advice, and inspiration... with as many people as possible.

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