Friday, April 17, 2009


Shortly before the phone call that once again rattled my bubble again...
(Go here to read about that one... and here if you didn't read the first part of the week's news)
We happened to look out at the garden while letting to dogs out - and we had SPROUTS! So what did I do... I had to take pictures of our little seedlings coming out...
Behold... our wonderful bounty from nature...
We have these little piles of the soil that are about to show us the beginnings of our green beans... this was after a little help from John uncovering the sprout. (Our Zucchini is doing the same thing.)

We have corn! These are starting to pop through the soil too.

All of our cucumbers are starting to show... which I'm still not sure what we are going to do with some of these veggies - I guess it's about growing things in the dirt more than eating them?

And finally, these are what caught my attention from across the yard... radishes... which have zero chance of crossing my lips... but they sure are neat to see a line of them growing!

My strawberry hopes have made way for us to plant a cantaloupe instead. So John is buying that plant today and will probably get it planted today - if it doesn't rain to much... or later this weekend when the rain subsides.


  1. I'd probably be just as excited! It'll be a whole new round f excitement and picture taking once you see the beginnings of the the fruits and veggies! And HEY! Send those radishes to ME!

  2. You might want to thin out the cukes (or any others that you have too many of). They won't grow as well if they are over crowded.

    It is so exciting to see little seedlings.

    As for the radishes, if you throw them in a veggie soup or a stew they don't taste radish-y anymore. I have done that before and Hubby is always amazed that there are radishes in it - ok I have only done it a coupla times. But still, you don't taste them.

  3. I had thought I really wanted a veggie garden but after spending a week in England, now I want flowers, so I'm looking forward to getting busy in my backyard!

    Love your little sprouts!


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