Thursday, April 23, 2009


I bet that all of you already know this, but three days of nausea will mess with your head when you want nothing more than for it to be morning sickness. I'm trying to rein in those feelings as much as possible and just ride through the storm for what it is... MISERABLE!

Yesterday, while jokingly telling "someone" (aka Fitness Freak/Guru) about the discussion that E and I had earlier this week... she informed me that morning sickness is only in your mind. It's not real - excuse me?

I'd love to hear from all the people out there that would love to slap this lady.

She went on to tell me that the only people she knows that have had morning sickness are people that are stay at home Moms that have time for such things or drama queens. Wow, that's really nice!

I'm here to tell you that nausea is real... it is not in your mind - believe me as I sit here and fight to keep my insides inside where they belong... I can only imagine that I will get really acquainted with morning sickness during my pregnancies... because you know - that's how I roll.

If there is some crazy, miserable, minuscule chance of some sort of symptom happening to's going to happen and happen BIG. John knows it, I know it... we've lived it... so I'm prepared... but I don't have to enjoy it.

For the record - I'm sipping sprite and eating saltines... and that's where I'm living right now. Not great weight loss surgery food choices, but seriously - anything else makes me curl up in a ball and beg for forgiveness.... so it's where I'll live until this passes.


  1. very interesting (slap!) i had morning sickness with all three of my pregnancies. who has time for that when they are pregnant and chasing around 1 or 2 other kids? um no way. mine was so bad that i LOST weight all 3 pregnancies. even as much as 60 pounds with one!!! gimme a break. lemme at that person, i'll get em!

  2. Like real sprite with sugar and everything or diet sprite? I'm in awe if you can handle the real stuff!

    Saltines, mmmm.

  3. Oh! I'll line up to slap the silly thing. And I didn't even have it very bad.

    In fact with Daisy, I had it for 1 morning. ONE. And that was while I was working. Not any one of the days I was staying at home (on bed rest) and bored out of my skull.

    With Junior, I couldn't eat Chinese, which is one of my very favorite types of food. Apparently it is a Chinese old wives tale that if food that you normally love repulses you, its a boy. (We are friends with the Chinese couple at our favorite restaurant). It also held true for my sister who normally lives off eggs but couldn't stand them when pg with her son.

    Some people are very lucky not to have it or have a light problem with it. I really think that God decided I had enough going on so I didn't get a very bad case of it.

  4. I lost weight with my pregnancy because I was so nauseous. In my mind? Give me a break. Not that I was complaining...after eight years of infertility and miscarriages, I was willing to live on the bathroom floor if that's what it took.

    Sorry your co-worker is so hard to deal with. People like that usually have issues, and it's not about you.

  5. Oh no! I am sorry...nausea is the WORST!!! ugh! I hope you get to feeling better soon...just keep sipping that Sprite girlfriend!

  6. Oh, some people are just too ignorant to see past themselves! I've never heard of anyone having fake throw-up....gees. Maybe you & I should trade jobs for a few let me at Fitness Freak and I'll let you come take care of Miss Rude at my place...

    I know it's tough not to let your mind's just as disappointing when the early signs of Aunt Flo's visit begin to appear! I can't wait for the month where there's no signs at all...

  7. Funny, 'cause I had MORE morning sickness with my first--the ONLY pregnancy during which I was working--than with any other. In fact, with the girls, I had none at all.

    You know what? Just slap her hard and then tell her the pain is just in her head.

    (I'm sorry...that's not a very Christian response, is it?)

    In actuality, the amount of morning sickness you have depends more on your blood sugar level. So if you eat good non-rich, stick-to-your-ribs food (oatmeal, bagel, etc) you will likely have LESS nausea than if you just eat crackers. The trick is to eat those solid carbs before it's too late.

    I had to have oatmeal before 9:30 am in order to keep the sickness at bay, no matter what else I ate that morning.

    Everyone's different, so it may be something else that does the trick for you. Maybe you need to eat earlier, and then have a few extra snacks between breakfast and lunch, etc.

    Play around with it to find what works best.

    Now that I think about it, it was probably the fact that I was working and NOT staying home, able to eat when/what I needed to, that made my morning sickness come on so strong. With the last one, I was just as busy at home as I was when I was working with the first, so that probably contributed to my morning sickness that time.

    That, and the last one was another boy...I've heard the baby's gender plays a part in it, too, but I don't think that's scientifically proven, though. :)

  8. Um, yeah... I had morning sickness so bad that my stomach acid eroded a hole in my esophagus and I puked blood for a while. It was lovely. At the time, I taught full-time at a school that was an hour each way away from my home. And I was unpacking and getting things settled in our house that we had just moved into. Suffice to say, I wasn't bored.

  9. I just saw this So maybe if she has had kids they are . . . uh . . . not too bright. In which case, we should feel pity for her.


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