Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Q&A Wednesday

(I made this one too! Wait until Jenn and I show you the other one I made...)

Jennifer asked:

are you a solid-color sock wearer? or do you like the crazy ones? What do your craziest socks look like?

Sadly, this can all be answered by saying that I only own white socks... that's it! I have embraced the idea of Fertility Socks though - and am on the hunt for some great socks to wear at my next appointment. (Is there somewhere I can buy the guts to wear them?)

Laurie asked:

If there was a theme song that played every time you entered a room, what would it be?

Good question - I'm not sure - the only theme song that comes to mind is Laverne and Shirley - but that wouldn't really have anything to do with me... I'd love to say the Rocky theme, but that wouldn't work either. I honestly don't have a clue... anyone know what theirs would be?

Heather asked:

What is your favorite way to celebrate her birthday?

Hmmm... birthdays... I really just love being able to relax - in whatever setting... but just doing things I enjoy that aren't stressful or fast paced.

Is there a tradition you have?

My birthday has pretty much been a series of events for many years - there will be family things, there will be friend things... the only main tradition is being surrounded by people that I enjoy.

Are there certain people involved?

Usually family and close friends - not necessarily at the same time... but over the course of the month - I'll see most of them and celebrate.

What makes the day smashing for you?

Is it weird and narcissistic to say that just having a day that is really all about YOU - is kind of fun? Even if I don't enjoy being the center of attention... I'd say that I enjoy it all - except the singing part. THAT embarrasses the snot out of me!

Of course, this year I'm certain that the words "you're pregnant" would be the best possible surprise, but is there something that comes in a close second?

Uh, yeah - those words would be the best gift EVER! (If they came early... that'd be great too!) Surprisingly - I'm not sure. I know that John has already gotten most (if not all) of my gift and he's mentioned it twice... so I think he's pretty excited about it. Have I mentioned before that he is the BEST gift giver that I've ever known? He totally gets me things that I love, without me ever giving him a single idea.
Christmas 2007 he gave me this. I've also mentioned before that the Christmas before that one he gave me the 12 Months of Christmas as a gift - which was a gift card that I opened on the 15th of each month in 2007... and they were different things. One month was a week of him doing the dishes... another month was a date night... another month was a football free weekend. Read how that turned out here. I still giggle about it. Poor guy.
Jenn asked:

Well, if this isn't TOO personal...have you & John talked about how long you will continue fertility treatments? (Please say til you have a baby, because I so want you & John to have a baby!) And if you don't want to post it, I understand! I'm a nosy broad, what can I say!
I'm still cracking up at the conversation surrounding the question... soooo nosey - here's your answer.
We haven't really discussed that just yet - he's told me that I shouldn't worry about it... and really we're just trying to take it one step at a time. So we're praying that it won't come to the point that we'll have to give up.
I do have to tell a story about when we did briefly talk about it - or well, when he figured out that I was freaking out about the money and having to stop in a couple months because it got to be too expensive. Well, several years ago - gosh like 5 or 6 now - my Lab, Maggie, got sick on Thanksgiving Day... and had to spend the weekend at the animal emergency clinic. It was bad - I had to make the decision to put her to sleep twice, but by the grace of God she made it through... it only cost us $900 to get her back out of the hospital. So ever since, to tease me... John will tell her that she'd better not get sick because she's spent her lifetime allotment of medical money - so she'll just have to get the needle.
What's my point - well - when we were talking about the baby thing - that came up and I told him that I thought he'd just give me the needle! HA!

What's the farthest away from home you've ever been?
I'm not sure in terms of distance - maybe somewhere in California or New York City... but I also went to pick up my little brother in Guatemala in 2005... and really in some ways that is an entire world of difference. I just know that the flight to Guatemala City wasn't as long as a flight to CA or NYC is.

What are you afraid of? Both in the natural world and spiritually/emotionally?

Fears... nice... lets see:

  • Natural World - Snakes, Spiders, Scorpions... any beast that starts with an S that could bite me...
  • Spiritually - wondering if I've truly gotten it and lived a life that has shared Christ's love
  • Emotionally - this should be obvious... the fear of IF I will ever become a mother is crushing... it will literally take your breath away some days.

That's all the questions we have this week... start leaving questions for next week in the comments.


  1. Honey, you're livin' in the wrong state to be fearing things that slither and move on 8 legs!

  2. It's good that you are taking things one step at a time with the fertility treatments. There are so many variables involved and treatment plans may change, etc. For me it was overwhelming to plan too far ahead.

    "Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself." Matt. 6:34

    I wish you every blessing on your journey. My heart has been drawn to pray for you often since I found your blog this week!

  3. I forgot to ask a question. You can get to it next week. Are you ever afraid someone from you office will read your blog or discover your facebook profile?

  4. I wear white socks out but I love the thick fuzzy socks in the winter. I have worn them out on those rare occations where I feel awful - i.e. flu awful - but it is more that they make my shoes tighter than I am embarassed. Well almost.

  5. Loved your Q&A Wednesday post. How creative!
    Happy ICLW.


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