Friday, April 3, 2009

Just Because

So, just because they make certain clothing in your size - doesn't mean you should buy it... or wear it.

It's funny because I think when something comes into fashion sometimes - we forget the words "Age Appropriate" before buying it.

The new trend on leggings is freaking me out - I don't think you should wear things like that if say - you're older than Taylor Swift! It just doesn't look right on a middle aged woman - at any size, shape or form.

I certainly wouldn't buy them at my age or weight... somethings just aren't good - and it's up to America to decide what those standards should be... not some model in Hollywood or Paris. What do they know? Someone is paying them LOTS of money to put that stuff on and parade around in it.

Have you also noticed that the models are made up in fashion shows at lot of the time to look like they're half dead? or just rolled out of bed? What's wrong with making them look alive and happy - isn't that the image you want to portray of your clothing line?

I sometimes don't get it - I mean most other industries use sex to sell things - or well the idea of it anyway... buy their product because it leads to a better life... that's what they want you to believe... why isn't that the motto of the fashion industry?

Ok, rant over... this rant was brought to you by the grandmother wearing leggings and a weird sweater mini dress yesterday afternoon. Not. A. Good. Look.