Friday, April 3, 2009


Well, the Riggs Family didn't get around to doing their Hi/Lo Carnival this week, but I wanted to post my list anyway...

  • Finding out the expense of the fertility treatments and being called into the business manager/principal's office to be told that I had to pay because they refused to try billing insurance first.
  • John being ill the first couple of days of the week because of my bright idea to build a garden... we WAY over did it - and I'm sure he'll do the same this weekend while I'm gone.
  • Watching my little brother be miserably ill yesterday, and desperately trying to find the poor little guy a doctor to see while he's thousands of miles from home. (He ended up with a steroid shot and lots of medicine... and hopefully he'll stop sounding like a dog when he's coughing soon...oh and no more 103 degree fevers, please!)
  • Getting the all clear on the first ultrasound to progress with treatment...
  • Spending time with God praying that he'll give us a baby on this first try... praying for a miracle only HE can provide.
  • Seeing John's joy and pride when he reached 50 pounds lost... he deserves these milestones as much if not more than I ever did.
  • Getting back into my daily Bible reading routine... now if only I can keep it up while being on retreat.
  • Getting a book suggestion from my cousin - anyone out there read Supernatural Childbirth? She says that she has several friends that have read it and have had their baby miracles happen... I'm thinking of making a slight detour to get the book on the way out of town today.
  • Heading out to the woods with my lovely church family of women to spend the night and all day tomorrow getting closer to them, and to God... I need both of those pillars to keep my strength up for this journey I'm beginning.
  • The possibility of a new project at work that will refresh my excitement... I desperately need that in that area of my life.