Saturday, April 4, 2009

Enjoy the Moment

By now in the retreat - I've at least thought about missing the blog or the internet once... now that doesn't mean that I'm not having a great time being disconnected - and with some of the greatest women on the planet... but I do enjoy my time doing exactly what I do all the time.

I will be back home tonight, but probably will only check emails and things then go to bed... because well - 2 days with girlfriends - typically doesn't mean that a lot of sleeping or resting has taken place... if. your. friends. are. like. mine.

We will have played games... I will have taken 500-600 pictures or more... and we will be exhausted, but renewed in our love of the Lord.

I will be around tomorrow with pictures and stories... and I'm sure a GREAT spiritual message or 5 to share with you guys too. I will most likely spread those out during next week, but I'm sure I'll come back with lots of things that I'll want to share.

See ya'll on the flip side!