Sunday, April 5, 2009

While Away

Before I get into the retreat and all of the amazing stuff that happened there... I thought I'd share a couple of pictures.

The weekend started with hanging out with my family of course - and while my little brother was feeling crummy... I didn't get any pictures of him, but my little sister Gabby and I did have a lot of fun. She beat the snot out of me at a game from her Chili's menu... it was my first time playing though.

Here is the skyscraper that Gabby built for me... she said it was two houses, but I think it's like one big condo complex or something. Very cute, and she was super proud of it. She asked that I not take it down, but I did end up taking it down tonight.

Can I just take a moment to tell you guys that I have an AMAZING husband?! While his wife was out on retreat - he not only did the yard work, but he also cleaned the house and did the laundry too.

I've been able to come home and relax... which is good because I'm more than a tiny bit exhausted!

While I was gone though - he along with the help of Renee's husband, "K", and my father in law... the filled the garden with the mulch!! I am so incredibly grateful to all of them for doing the hard work and making it so that we can plant our veggies on Friday!


  1. What a wonderful blessing for you!

    I hope your brother is feeling better.

  2. Yay for wonderful husbands! Can't wait to see when your garden starts to sprout! Lil sis is ADORABLE! Maybe I could have her build me a condo to live in..


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