Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Open House 2009

At one time on this blog - I documented a lot of our building process and the move in of our house... but it certainly has changed a bit since then... so I thought I'd do a little spring open house for you while I'm still dealing with yesterday.

Grab a cup of coffee, sit back and relax... or a coke and a snack would work too.

The pictures don't flow quite like I'd like them to, but it'll work.

A view from the street - you'll notice they are building a house next door now.

The entry view from the front door. The cross on the wall is one of my favorite pieces we have in the house - it was given to me last year at the Women's Retreat for taking pictures... it is PERFECT and beautiful.

Looking back at the front door - the boxes are the surround sound speaker system we just got for the downstairs living room. I am on the hunt for something to put on my entry table permanently, but I just haven't found anything I love yet. During Christmas time it is where my Jim Shore (Heartwood Creek) Nativity set goes along with all my snowmen from that collection.

Our formal dining room. The table cloth is there to permanently protect the table from our fierce game night parties...

The master bathroom. Behind me is the potty, and a double vanity area - in all our Master bathroom isn't as big as I would like - but it works. Our closet is to my right in this picture - which is where that door leads.

The master bedroom.

The kitchen view from the dining room.

The kitchen from the breakfast room.

The breakfast room.

The living room downstairs.

The kitchen view from the stairs.

The stairs...

The game room - looking back toward the stairway.

The game room view from the other side.

Guest room 1 - this will remain a guest room for as long as it is needed - it is the room set apart from the other two that are upstairs - and it's closest to the bathroom... so we thought that the other two rooms would make for better "kid" rooms.

Upstairs bathroom - aka dog beauty parlor as it is used right now.

The office area that is off of the game room... the two room section of the upstairs is sort of viewable from the left of the picture - the other guest room that you saw earlier is behind me in this shot.

The office area viewed from the game room.

Guest room #2 - this room is large enough that two kids could share it - so we'll probably always have enough space for a guest room.

The craft room... which someday will become a nursery... then sadly - I don't know where all my fun crafty stuff will go. I wonder if John would build me a room where the dining room is? Hmmm... probably not - but I'll figure something out.
That concludes the tour - I hope you enjoyed your visit to our humble home...


  1. That was fun! I feel like I really visited!

  2. I like your house! You could always rearrange one of the guest rooms to make room for your craft supplies.


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