Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Open Letter - Fitness Lady

Dear Fitness Freak Guru:

(Clapping hands in a really soft supportive way)

Ummm... I honestly appreciate that you care enough about me to critique everything that goes into my mouth while at the office, REALLY, I do. It is sweet.

However, at the moment there is A LOT going on in my life that you don't/can't truly understand... and thus I need some serious chocolate every now and then. (By "serious", please read 4 mini candy bars - not like a whole bag or anything.)

I think it is great that you want to encourage me to reach my goals, and that you are an aerobics instructor - but without sounding like a hormonal mess... BACK OFF! Go back to your office and do some desk push ups or something constructive... because it honestly isn't helping me much at all to have you pop in and give me the look of disdain.

It also makes me wonder how I can get from my cubicle to the candy dish and back without passing by your window.

So - lets be friends, and just pat me on the back and tell me it'll be alright... and leave the judgy comments about my choice in snacks to yourself.



  1. Hehe, "BACK OFF!" :-) Still giggling...

  2. Well said! I think Fitness Freak needs to lay off! Like she hasn't ever needed chocolate?

  3. Dude, When I first saw that "Fitness Freak Guru", I thought, oh, no, is she talking about me??!!

    I hope I don't ever come off that way. If I do it's because I need to be "educated" - as you did here -on how best to motivate and encourage you.

    As I'm sure you know, we tend to "motivate" others in the same way that would motivate us. But we are not all motivated the same way. So, gently pushing us (I mean me) back in our place and telling us what will help you will make ME feel better. Because in the end I'm just trying to be helpful, not judgemental.

    me, the OTHER fitness guru (if that's what you call me on public blogs :P

  4. I know you are going through a rough time, but you crack me up...wondering how to get to the candy dish and back without passing her window...LOL!
    I've been hitting the candy dish myself...I really need to convince myself that Aaron failing English is his problem at this point; I can't pass it for him.

  5. You crack me up!! I'm laughing so hard - this is why I shouldn't read blogs at work.

    Your post reminds me of the time I told an aerobics instructor not to keep reminding me to breathe, because it's an automatic function that happens with or without her help. Really - have you ever noticed how often they say that? I don't get it.

    "Hey, what happened to Jennifer? Why is she on the ground?""Oh...she forgot to breathe."

  6. "Go back to your office and do some desk push ups or something constructive"



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