Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bite Your Tongue

Every Tuesday morning, I have a meeting with my vice president... we'll call her E... because I'm REALLY creative, and that's her first initial. It's an opportunity for her to find out how projects are going and what's going on back in my little bat cave.

We didn't meet last week - which might have been divine intervention - because sometimes we don't communicate very well, and seriously one hard look from her last Tuesday and I would have been a heap of tears and tissues...

ANYWAY, I told her at our meeting two weeks ago about the fertility treatments - because with several doctors appointments happening within a short amount of time... I felt that I owed her some sort of explanation as to what in the world could be keeping me on such a crazy schedule.

Fast forward to today's meeting - we got through our work related discussion fairly quickly - that is to say... my updates weren't stellar, and I got my assignments. All in a good positive discussion... so no worries there.

She asked me "What else is going on...." and with the current state of my emotional train-wreck... I said "Well, it's just about all I can do to get out of bed and get out of the house."

She asked what was going on, and I laid out the fact that our first month didn't go well - which has led to some sadness and maybe a little borderline depression... it's hard to tell what is hormones and what might just be a problem. Quickly though, she turned it into the funniest conversation ever.

She told me about a group of women from the other side of the building that are ALL pregnant - and said I should start going down there to rub their bellies... and drink from their water fountain. I asked if I could just move my cubicle down there next to them so I could just really soak up all the fertility vibes possible.

She has declared that we're going to have multiples... and seriously if we do - I'm going back to her! She says that we'll probably have multiples... then be "done" with having children... and not be able to stop the baby train from adding more and more kids.

(Honey, relax... DEEP BREATH... IN.... and OUT...)

It really got funny when she stopped for a second to think about the possibility of bed rest with multiples... but in two seconds she had it all figured out - she's like "We'll send the IT guys to your house... get it all wired, and you can work from your bed! We just need your fingers and your brain."

There you go - I guess if nothing else, I have job security! HA!


  1. That's AWESOME!! At least you're getting the positive vibes at the office and even encouragement about your job! That has got to make for a good day! :-)

  2. Yay for E! It's nice to see someone offer up a more lighthearted approach to such a delicate situation! And due, seriously...I would LOVE to have the opportunity to work from home! How awesome would THAT be?!?!

  3. I was worried as I read... when the Big Boss knows you're trying to get prego, it's usually BAD news! But it sounds like E's totally on board, which is a HUGE blessing and may be why you landed at this job in the first place--you never know!

    I felt like I owed my boss an explanation as I was trying to get approved for WLS... billions of appts with doctors, nutritionists, counselors, for SIX months! I was worried everyone would think I had cancer if I didn't tell them what was going on, haha!

    This time around, I'm being a lot more discrete. And I'm thinking I probably won't be as open ever again about my medical stuff, but I can see how your decision to talk about it makes sense in your situation! I'm just really, really glad the VP is supportive. :)

  4. Returning your visit to my bloghouse...thanks! I was worried that you were going to interpret E's 'good intentions' as insulting. I'm glad it came across as supportive. And, as someone who was ON bedrest for 12 1/2 weeks, I can say that being able to work and get paid during that time if you so-needed would be fantastic!

    Fingers and brain...lol! Sounds like your best assets!!!

  5. I'm with Eve - I was concerned that you were going to be offended at first. (Probably because I would have smacked E upside the head myself, but I'm bitter like that.)

    I think it's great that she considers you such a valuable member of the team, that she would let you work from home! Job security is always a good thing!!


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