Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Back Soon

Good Morning Internets!! I've got a bunch going on at the office this morning, an email mailing list to run and I've got to train the untrainable too - so until I get back...

I wanted to get the reminder up for Q&A Wednesday first thing. Last week's response was phenomenal, and so much fun!

So what do you have for me this week? Leave your questions in the comments, and come back tomorrow to see the answers!


  1. See you soon!

    My question is from a Christian standpoint. How do you deal with a fellow employee who is supposed to be your friend but is a "one friend" kinda person, meaning, when she has someone else in her life, I take a backseat? Also this person is pre-menopausal and subject to getting her Crazy on and getting rather mean and emo. I have no idea how to deal with her! (This is the same person who I had the Christmas drama with because my hubby said something she took in a way he didn't mean it and then she stuck me in the middle if you recall.) Consider yourself my "Dear Abby" for the day!

  2. What is one form of exercise that you enjoy? Even if it is impractical - such as snow skiing in Texas, ain't gonna happen but it still could be fun.

    Or maybe it is just getting a new exercise game, but that doesn't count.

    Now for a thinking question, do you have a "life verse" (or a couple of them - I find it hard to narrow it down to only one. So I cheat. and have more.) And if you do have one, what is it?


Thank you so much for your comments. I really enjoy getting feedback on my writing!