Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bunch of Nothing

I'm totally without motivation to write a really good crafted post - so we're going to do with the bulleted list of things going through my head today.
  • I'm not completely losing my mind... there actually WAS a drip of water hitting the top of my cubicle-mate's desk. She called me yesterday after I'd left to tell me that she actually saw the water FINALLY.
  • I'm on day 3 of being back on the pill...and I haven't felt this SANE in a while. Amazing how much those crazy hormones can jack with your whole frame of mind.
  • I've recently defined my 5 food love languages... Starbucks Nonfat Cafe Mocha, Sonic Iced Tea, HEB granola that you blend yourself (2 scoops granola, 1.5 scoops dark chocolate chips, and 1 scoop pecans), ice cream, and chocolate. Honorable mentions to: seasoned curly fries, chips & queso, fajitas...and CheeseIts.
  • Nothing and I mean NOTHING feels as good to me right now as being at home... I might be bordering on hermit tendencies now ya'll.
  • I'm both bummed and excited about the Grey's Anatomy finale tonight... I love the level of excitement in the stories going up this time of year - but not the fact that nothing new will be on again until September/October. Except for The Closer - it starts June 8th!
  • I think my secret is out at the office about my birthday... I've been getting lots of rapid fire questions like: "Are you taking any time off this week?" and "Do you like seafood?" Neither of these alone would raise any red flags - but in rapid fire... they pose the implication that something is up.
  • Data entry projects STINK... I'm pretty bored with this stuff today. Therefore I'm entertaining myself with writing bullets. Nice, huh?
  • I desperately need a haircut and an update on my curl-factor...I'll have to find the time for that in the next month or so.
  • Is it pathetic that I'm still thinking about the food thing? Or how hot my husband is? Or of all the other things I'd rather be doing right now??


  1. Crazy to think hubs is hot?? Sha! Whatever! Guilty as charged, officer! I think that about my hubs ALL THE STINKIN TIME. Gees. :-) I think it's normal when you're in love with your man!

  2. what are you doing for the big day?

  3. hey there miss kim!
    Just caught up on your blog... loved all your answers to your questions! :) And yes, data entry sucks! I've been doing that and billing all week and i'm losing it! LOL
    Hope you're having a great day

  4. Oh the joys of how BCP make you feel.
    Happy upcoming Birthday!

  5. I love the vindication of being proved I am not crazy (at least on one thing.) My previous cell phone had these lovely little chimes when the battery was low but the first time I heard it, I was in bed with a headache. I told Hubby I was hearing bells and he was pretty sure I was hallucinating. He was really surprised when he heard them too.

    So did you like the Greys season Finale? I cried my head off and am really annoyed that they ended it where they did.


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