Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Water Torture

I think that my employer is trying to kill me today - literally. A new phenomenon has happened in my area... the top of my cubicle is making a noise that sounds like water is dripping on top of the storage bin... A. Slow. Steady. Drip. Drip. Drip.

If it wasn't making my head hurt - it might make me need to go use the restroom. There is no leak... no water.... I have no idea what is making that noise... but it might just drive me completely bonkers!

On top of that fun... our meeting today involved a full hour of hurricane preparedness training... seriously. I know it was important, but I'm not kidding you when I say that my eyes glazed over at one point and I might have been day dreaming. Where is a Sonic Iced Tea when you need one?

The one outstanding portion of the meeting was the presentation by the Vice President that manages the community centers. It was basically a pictorial slide show of activities going on in our organization throughout the area - but it was set to the song "Eye of the Tiger" which I personally LOVE and use as my own anthem all the time.

Besides the hurricane plan and the new training schedule... which I just found out that I might have to teach part of it for my department's portion. (Kill me now) The meeting overall wasn't that bad... and it ended an hour early - BONUS! I love it when the agenda turns out to be short. Insert Kim's internal happy dance here!

I'm now putting on the headphones and iPod to retreat into a stimulating afternoon of data entry... come on girls - you know that you wish you had my job! It could be a lot worse - over the years I have been assigned some projects that make drug rehab sound like a fun time... but it could be a lot worse. At least I can do it all while getting an energy boost from my favorite music.

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