Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Q&A Wednesday

Grab a cup of coffee, hot chocolate, or hot tea and settle in... this might be long...

Jenn asked:

What was your favorite subject/class in high school?

Well, naturally - I loved English... because I truly enjoy reading and writing. Writing of any kind too - I even enjoyed writing research papers... I only wish I had taken our Journalism course to see if that would have taken me down a different career path.

Additionally, I took Child Development in high school and really loved learning about the various stages of the development of babies in utero as well as after they are born. It is truly an amazing process that God designed, and if I could have figured out how to make that knowledge into a career - (other than a doctor - I faint when others bleed) I might have explored that too.

Who is your hero? In what way has this person most impacted your life?

I don't know that I've ever truly sat and looked at someone as a hero. That being said - there are lots of people that I admire... mostly when I see people doing things that I wish I could. There are things in a lot of people that would fit this...

I don't think of one person when I see the word hero - unless I guess you count Jesus... because really, what is more heroic than giving your life to pay the penalty for everyone else's sins? Inviting him into my life probably has been the single most life altering decision I've ever made... I wish I had done it earlier in my life, BUT I know that the things and experiences I had before that time were every bit as important in shaping me into the person that I am today.

Do you have any suspicions as to what John is getting you for your birthday?

Nope... no idea. Whatever it is - I know it will be perfect... but even if he didn't get me anything - hanging out with him would be a great gift. (Can you tell that I'm totally interested in spending a lot of time with him lately?)

Laurie asked:

If you could change only ONE thing about the world, what would you change?

One thing...about the world... tapping chin... hmmm...

I'd have to say that if we could get back to a mindset where bigger, faster, and flashier aren't always viewed as better. What I'm getting at is that technology and speed aren't always a good thing... think about it... there are things that we certainly do better now, but there are also SO many things that we've screwed up in our process toward advancement. There has to be a balance... and I truly believe in my heart that a strong faith is the only way that you can come close to striking that balance. You have to practice that faith and keep yourself moving in God's way, but that is how families are made better - and there isn't anything in the world more important than taking care of your spouse and children.

We always talk about what we'd like to change about ourselves.. what is your favorite physical feature?

Something on my body that I like... hmmmmm.... hold on.... still thinking.... my eyes? I also think that my shoulders are pretty cool too - well the fact that you can see the bones around my neck too.

another Laurie asked:

My question is how since WLS has you life changed? From early post to this point?

My life has changed so much since my surgery date. My energy level, confidence, and willingness to try new things are so much improved since that time. I basically was a major wall-flower before surgery because I didn't want anyone to notice me - mainly because I was terrified of being hurt by the comments people would say.

Now, I am still shy - but the funny thing is that the people that I do know and feel comfortable around think that it's just a strange cover for me to test out and see if I want to get to know people. Our pastor's wife said that she laughs when people call me shy because she can see a whole other side of me. I guess that is true because the ladies that knew me before didn't ever see that side of me.

I guess the other things that have changed are the ways that people interact with me... I sometimes forget that they aren't thinking about my size... but the flip side of that is that sometimes they think it's okay to make fat jokes around me, and I still feel that pain for those that are where I used to be.

My health is so much better. My diabetes and blood pressure are controlled. The only thing that really hasn't gotten better with the surgery is my ability to have a baby - but in all reality - it has in a way too... because certainly a pregnancy without those extra 97 pounds surely has to be better on the overall body.

I am FAR from my goal still, but I have gained so much more than I lost...

What is the Best first new experience you have had?

Man, hard questions!! I think finding new stores that I can shop for clothes in is really rewarding.

Not having to worry about fitting into an airplane seat is pretty cool... I certainly will never miss the stress of trying to keep my body out of everyone else's space on a plane!

Not being worried about where I am seated in a restaurant... I now can fit into a booth.

On a different level - finding out that my journey has inspired others in some way has also been extremely humbling. I get incredibly shy when people tell me that - because I don't think of myself as inspiring at all... but I'm happy to help others however I can too.

another Jenn asked:

What are some of your fears?

Depending on how you're asking... snakes, spiders, scorpions... things that could bite me! I am pretty guarded because I am afraid of rejection and of looking stupid. Because of those fears - that aren't always on the forefront of my mind... I am almost completely incapable of having an in depth conversation with people in person.

Describe your perfect day (not weather wise...activity wise)

I did this a couple of weeks ago, and the answer is completely different than my answer today. Amazing how that happens. Last time I said something like a book, scrapbooking and a nap.

Today - I would say that my perfect day would look very much like last Friday did. (I know - it's a theme right now) I completely enjoyed and LOVED spending a day completely with John doing things that we wouldn't normally do... checking out tourist sites in our town that we either haven't seen or haven't enjoyed in a long time... and getting the chance to remember how much fun we have together. It doesn't get much better than spending a day acting like a tourist, but getting to come home to your own bed and relax!

What is a regret that you live with?

I don't really have any regrets - or if I do - I am unable to think of one right now. I have learned by every experience that I have gone through and for those reasons alone - they aren't truly regrets.

I would say though that I wish that I would have stayed at one of my jobs longer and realized that it was a better situation than I realized at the time. Other than that, I would say that if I had gone through the alternative certification when I first graduated college - it might have worked out for me... it certainly wouldn't have been a pay cut, but it also was a time when I probably would have gotten a job. Lastly, had I pulled myself together in college and not come so close to failing out - I might have been able to get my degree in education like I had wanted to... but clearly God had another plan for me... so here I am.

This will be fun...ask John to describe you in Five Words and report back.

Well, apparently one of Kim’s blog followers (Hello Jenn) asked that I give five words that best describe Kim. I’m not necessarily the writer in our family, so words don’t come to me as easily as they do to Kim. With that said, I think the 5 words that best describe her are:

Selfless – she always thinks of others, even when it means that she may be hurt in the process.

Beautiful – of course I think she is physically beautiful, but more than that she has a beautiful spirit.

Intelligent – sometimes I think she tends to underestimate herself in this area, but not me. I know that she can do anything that she puts her mind to.

Faithful – not only to me, but also to friends and family as well as any causes she takes on.

Nurturing – Kim loves to take care of others. She does such a good job taking care of me that I know she will only be even better with our children.

There are many other words that I could use to describe Kim, but no matter how many I used they would never do her justice. She is my friend, my confidant, my wife and I love her with all my heart!

Would you rather be rich or famous?

I think I'd rather be rich. I rather enjoy the parts of my life being private that I choose - and while you might have influence to speak about things that are important if you were famous... if you have money - you can donate the money and actually make things happen. I think you can help more people with the money than you could with fame.

In all reality though - I wouldn't truly wish for either one. There are so many things that can go wrong on both fronts - and I'd hate to have to truly deal with the pressures that come with either of them.

Kathryn asked:

What is your favorite thing to do to pass time?

I'd say read/write/watch movies... it's hard to tell which comes first - because really they are related. It's all story telling in different forms. I enjoy reading/watching carefully written stories that make you truly care about the characters. If someone can grab my attention with a wonderfully crafted character - they've got me hooked... and I will follow the story wherever it goes. I am one of those rare people that will read/watch a story and not have a care in the world about what is going to happen next... I just want to experience the story as it happens.

John on the other hand - doesn't read... but when we watch movies and things together - he typically has it figured out quickly or at least has a theory as to how it will turn out before it ever even starts. Sometimes you don't even fully know the problem that the character is going to face before he's got a theory. (It's pretty funny though because he'll tell me and I just groan...)

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

It depends on where we're getting it. HA! I really like Sweet Cream from Coldstone or Marble Slab. I like all things vanilla bean... but the best I ever had was at the Helmsley Hotel in New York City. At home, Blue Bell is the ice cream of choice... and I'd be hard pressed to pick a favorite between - Cookies 'N Cream, Banana Pudding, Moolenium Crunch, and Rocky Road.


  1. awww John hit the nail on the head...that's exactly who you are :)

    <3 you guys!

  2. I am so glad you had such a variety of questions! What a fun read! I loved your answer about regrets - that's me to a TEE. Couldn't agree more. This is what came out of my mouth when I read John's answers: "Awww!" I just love you guys!!

  3. I loved reading John's answer to that question. How sweet!

  4. A great read indeed! We will have to think of asking John more questions about you.

    I love the idea of a staycation.

  5. A great read indeed!
    I loved John's answers. We will have to think of some more questions for him! :)
    Also, a staycation sounds fabulous.

  6. Oh, John is too sweet! I loved his answer. It's obvious how much he adores you. :)


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