Friday, May 22, 2009

Five Word Friday 2

Here we are again with the Five Word Friday... and the topic this week, Summer! Funny - because I could describe the season... or my WONDERFUL blog friend... but I think the intention here is the season.

So Five Words about Summer:

  1. Water - there is nothing that says summer like being out in our boat. Of course with my skin and it's ability to BURN like no body's business... it also means that I'm usually under the covered portion of the boat.
  2. Heat - where we live, BELIEVE me when I tell you heat and humidity are words synonymous with summer. From about March through November the heat can be unbearable - but I've found that since my surgery... the heat isn't quite as bad.
  3. Hurricane - oh yeah, that is summertime on the Gulf Coast... the season runs from June 1 until November 30th. Last year we experienced Hurrican Ike in a major way, so we will all be taking a bit more precaution in terms of buying supplies to have on hand. I made the mistake of going the day before the storm for supplies - and had our power been out longer... seriously we would have been eating cold spaghetti o's and peanut butter. And I am not kidding when I tell you that you couldn't find beer or wine ANYWHERE in the city - which isn't a problem for me... but I just found that as odd. I mean - a major hurricane is coming - and you're going to get drunk? (I know - Meggs - you take hurricane parties seriously! HA!)
  4. Ice Cream - how else do you beat the heat? Homemade strawberry ice cream is the best... and I dearly love making it with my husband. We only do it about once a year, but it is always a welcomed treat. I wonder if Memorial Day weekend sounds like a good time to do it? Maybe we'll wait until 4th of July - since we still have a HUGE ice cream cake from my birthday in the freezer.
  5. Reading - this is the time of year that I get the majority of my reading done. Since there aren't any new television programs during the summer months - I expand my mind with some fun murder mysteries.

What 5 words make you think of summertime? Be sure to link back to Jenn's post with your responses.


  1. Living in Hurricane area sounds frightening!
    I couldn't live on a boat, but sounds like a great place to hang out in such a hot a humid summer.
    ice-cream - you really make a homemade strawberry ice-cream? that sounds delicious!

    My five words would have to be:
    1. icky - hot and humid and just unbearable, but what can one do :-).
    2. noise - teens who have nothing to do in our small town in the summer holiday just hanging around and making noise all night..
    3. night - the cooler part of the day. As a night bird, I actually like the summer nights :-).
    4. work - less to almost no work. Always a problem those summer months..
    [can't think of a fifth one..]

  2. Fun post -- I love homemade ice cream too and you may have just inspired me to make some on Memorial Day. :)

    My words:
    1. Relax -- life seems calmer and less busy!
    2. Beach -- I live by the beach and we hang out there. I don't go in the water though!
    3. BBQ -- We BBQ a lot!
    4. Cold drinks -- icees, iced coffee,lemonade...
    5. Sandals


  3. I'm loving the 5-word Friday idea, how cool!

    BTW--We've had SO much rain lately due to a Nor'easter, it feels like a monsoon in northern Florida, hope you're not experiencing the same kind of weather.

    1. Emma---I teach, so summer is my time off to spend with my daughter.
    2. Books---LOVE to read (especially teen lit to recommend to my reading students)
    3. Sun---Like you, I have to be careful not to scorch, but I sure do love to be outside this time of year
    4. Firefies---We don't have them where we live, but my daughter LOVES catching them when we visit our relatives in Ohio---I have great summer memories of firefly catching. (And releasing, of course!)
    5. Stars---I try to stay up late a few nights each summer and star gaze. Have loved doing this since I was a child.


  4. You know, cold spaghetti ohs won't kill you. We stock up on stuff like that which can be eaten cold if need be. But we also have a propane grill with a burner and a propane cooker (like to fry turkeys or boil crawfish) so once the storm is over we can cook again. With those 3 things I can nearly make anything I would normally. The only difficulty is the fridge/freezer.

  5. I love homemade ice cream! Yum.


  6. I too am the one taking cover under shade or SPF 50.ICLW


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