Saturday, May 23, 2009

Holiday Fail

Sometimes, it feels like Murphy's Law has come and settled in at our house... it is less than 24 hours into this holiday weekend, and I'm praying this isn't an omen for how the rest of it will go.
  1. I came home yesterday, and saw that it was about to rain. (or so I thought) Since John had been working at our church all day helping get things set back up from the remodel... I thought it would be fun to surprise him by mowing the lawn for him. Did you catch the word surprise... as in finishing and him not knowing until he gets home... surprise. Did that happen? Oh, no... I got about 85% finished and the darn thing ran out of gas! Since I've just barely learned to start the thing - I had to call him in distress on how to get it filled up with gas and ask which gas can to use... FAIL

  2. When it is a holiday, John typically likes to make a special breakfast... he's a breakfast person... I could leave it just about everyday - but my protein bars do get my body going and are tolerable. ANYWAY, John made us some sausage and waffles this morning - which was really sweet, and tasty... but then a horrible carbohydrate coma came over me... and I had to go take a 2 hour nap. So here it is 1/2 way through the first day of my 3 day weekend... and I've done nothing other than sleep! FAIL

  3. I just woke up from my nap, and realized that I have a fever... WHAT is THAT? I have so many plans for the weekend... come on! FAIL

So, I'm trying to finish our grocery list and make it to the grocery store before it rains again - or I pass out again. I'm thinking it's definitely a day that I'll be swinging through Sonic for some of their magical unsweet iced tea... okay, and probably something else... I just don't know what the flavor of that "other" poison will be just yet. Some days are corndog days, others are cheese stick days... and then there are regular plain old burger days. Or who knows, by the time I get there - it might just be a tea kind of day... it all depends on how I feel at that moment of the day.

I'll keep you guys posted as to if we've ridded ourselves of Murphy later on in the day.


  1. I hope your holiday weekend gets better.


  2. How sweet to want to mow the lawn for him... Lee won't ever get that kind of surprise from me! :)

  3. OMG I am so jealous that you can go to SONIC. I love Sonic. Just one of the million things I miss from the south.


  4. Sorry to hear the weekend didn't start off so great, but I hope that it gets better and you're able to enjoy the rest of it! So nice to you to mow for your husband and even nicer of you to finish the job...I totally would have quit once I ran out of gas! :o)

  5. I hope it gets better for ya. :)

  6. i hope your weekend got better! :) you both sound so sweet; doing such nice things for each other!



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