Monday, May 25, 2009

Crafty Photos

Okay, so I'm a bit tired today - I had my second major carb coma of the weekend this morning and have been having a hard time recovering. I'm convinced it was the sugar free syrup - because if I have a waffle with just butter... I'm fine. If I have real sugar - I'm fine... but when I have sugar free syrup... I immediately have to take a 3 hour nap!

Anyway, these pictures posted backwards... but you'll get the idea of the little bit of work that I got done scrapbooking this weekend. Not nearly what I expected to get done, but this weekend was full of challenges and surprises. (We'll get to some of that in another post.)

There is one layout missing here that I did as well, but it was of Renee's daughter "L"'s birthday... and after I took the photo - I realized that it gave out information that she doesn't post on her blog... so I decided that I'd leave the picture off this post out of respect for keeping their anonymity.

This is the layout I did for our pumpkin carving adventures last fall... I'm about 8 months behind on the scrapping... but I'll get caught up someday. I loved the stickers that I found for this layout - and the background paper is a giant spider I didn't really do too much in terms of creating a layout because the stickers and paper did it for me.

I had to go through about 4 drafts of these letters, but they turned out really well. You can't tell, but I used Martha Stewart Glitter Markers (which come in a Warm Color Set and a Cool Color Set). I used the warm color set as you can tell, but I have both. The marker is very similar to a paint pen, and the glitter in all of them is silver - so it's a sliver glitter effect on the background color. I loved it - and it really went well with the photo I had of the sunset before the storm hit.

Here is where it's obvious that my photos posted backwards... but for miss Brooklyn's birthday - I have a double layout. I just had so many cute pictures of her from the party - and didn't want to waste them. So this is the right side of the layout. Her name spans across both of them.

Here is the left side of the same layout.

Now this - I didn't make... but I got as a gift from one of my friends at church, Laura. She makes these as a hobby and we're in the process of setting up an Etsy store for her... I absolutely love how it turned out - it's a cream and black design - which is perfect! We're thinking that we've found the perfect spot for it in our entry way. John needs one more thing to get it hung, but I can't wait to see how it looks. Isn't it pretty?! I'll post a link to Laura's Etsy store when we get it completed - because she does these in all sorts of colors and designs. I really think this would be a cute addition to a nursery, but we'll have to cross that bridge when we get there.

This sort of gives me the opening to tell you guys that I'm also creating an Etsy store for my jewelry that I make. Most of you probably don't know it, but back in 2005 - I opened a business and had a website that sold my jewelry. We did really quite well, but the sales couldn't sustain the cost of the website and the merchant licenses after the first year... so the business closed about a year and a half after it opened.

I still however have a lot of jewelry that I made, and of course some designs that I love... if I can still get the supplies - I'm going to add them to the store as well. Some things I'll make as they are ordered, and others will just be things that I have on hand as left over inventory. Of course, I'm going to let everyone here know about the store when I get it completely finished... but hopefully it will be just a small little way to make a little extra money for some of my hobbies... or to put away for future fertility treatments as needed.

Finally, I have some wonderful prayer warriors out there that read this blog, and you all know how I feel about prayer... you can never have too much. So I've got some prayer requests that I'd like to put out there.
  1. For my blood work to come back in normal range this week so that we can FINALLY move forward with our treatments.
  2. For all my girls out there that are in the process of trying to conceive... I put ALL of you on our prayer list at church this week - specifically by name so that our prayer team can pray for each of you specifically. Every one of you has been on my heart this weekend... Summer, Nicole, Becky, Jenn I., Jennifer D., Natalie, Jenn S., Misty, Jill, Eve, Hannah, and several others... I pray that God will bless us all with children according to his timing. I know that it will be a bigger blessing than we can imagine when it does happen.
  3. For some friends of mine that are having marital problems... pray that their problems will be resolved quickly and peacefully.
  4. For our small group as John and I finish the plans for our kickoff next Saturday - we're starting the Love Dare Bible Study and couldn't be more excited to see the power of God working through the marriages in our small group.
  5. For my health - this weekend has been a battle at times with me having a fever, and I woke up a little stuffy this morning... I'd really love to NOT get sick if at all possible.
  6. For my workouts - I'm still planning our 30 day challenge - so be thinking about if you'd like to commit with me and some other ladies... please drop me an email if you're interested, because I want to be able to email everyone involved daily so that we can encourage each other.

That's about it - I'll be posting again in a bit with some photos from the surprise portion of the holiday weekend.


  1. Your scrap booking is stunning. I so wish I was so creative.

    ~Stopping by for ICLW~

  2. Awesome pages! See, I love the idea of scrapbooking, but I think my downfall is that I have TOO many ideas I want to incorporate, which makes it hard for me and not enjoyable. That's why I stick with cards. They are quick and "disposable", unlike pages. I used to sit for 9 hours at a time and make like 17-18 cards, which doesn't seem like a lot, but like I said, I would have so many ideas and techniques it would take me longer. I did a session once using nothing but scrap paper. And I LOVE to stamp...two of my favorite techniques are bleach stamping and using Zig markers and drawing the color onto the stamp so that the pattern isn't one color.

  3. Yay! You scrapbooked!!!! What night are you doing the Love Dare?

  4. Can I ask one of your previous commenters a question...what is bleach stamping?

  5. I can't wait to see your Etsy store when you are ready to open it!

    I would love to do the thirty day challenge but with going away in June, it may be too difficult. Keep me in the loop though as you never know!


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