Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Road Trip

So, it's no secret how much I love Renee and her family... but with them moving, (everyone at our church is moving lately!) youth group events, and life lately... we haven't been able to hang out nearly as much as we have wanted to.

So, when they said... we're having a spontaneous road trip and we're kidnapping you... what can you do but just happily go along! The lack of plan went against generations of my family history... but it was so much fun to just get in the car with these special friends of ours and see where the time took us.

So here are some pictures that I took along the way...

Our pilot and co-pilot... a funny couple of guys...

The happiest traveler of them all... and cutest too, I might be partial though.

A view of the boardwalk... I took several of these because 8 short months ago - this area was completely wiped out by Hurricane Ike.

Hysterical photo of the family...

Another view of the boardwalk...

John enjoying the view...

Our tiny traveler enjoyed waving to the people on the boats.

Renee and K... the most fun couple we've ever known!

John and I along with L... I could totally keep her! :-)

The "pirate ship" - we thought it looked similar to Capt. Sparrow's ship from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

Boardwalk 3...

A flower from along the way...

For this kid - everything is perfectly fine as long as she is with Mr. John... or as she calls him Miss John. She gets confused, but it couldn't be more adorable!

What is more perfect for me than a Sonic cup? We stopped there on the way and on the way back...so our trip was sponsored by Sonic.

John was relaxing while L took a potty break during the trip.

We drove down to look for hurricane damage, but it was getting dark... these sunset photos make me happy though. I like these better without editing - Photoshop made the colors more muted and blue... but I love the pink tones more than that.

Another sunset shot.
We had a great time, and did see some hurricane damage. It wasn't nearly as bad as we thought it might be though - it looks like they've done a LOT of work getting things ready for the summer. The area of Galveston called "The Strand" is a downtown area where they had some amazing shops... that still needs a lot of work, and sadly the only place that I remember vividly is this old ice cream shop that had a soda fountain... it was very old, but it was completely destroyed by the water... so they are having to gut it and redo everything.
It was a fantastic day - and I'm so glad we got to hang out. I haven't laughed that long or hard in a very long time... and I hope that this is just the first of MANY trips like this.