Friday, May 15, 2009

Five Word Friday

Jenn over at From the Desk of a Princess has started a new Friday feature based on the question that was posed to John this week in our Q&A. She loved the idea of the way that John answered the question so much that she's written one for her own husband, and thought of the idea of making this a regular thing. So off she went... she asked for a graphic - and gave me a little frame of what she had in mind - and here we are.

Each week, she'll give us a topic... and you can write your own list of Five Words to describe the topic.

What 5 words best describe your relationship with Jesus Christ, either currently, for the time you have walked with Him or both?

1) Refreshing - I often think of my relationship with Jesus Christ in this way. Whenever I feel peace in a tumultuous situation... I know that Christ will be there to refresh and renew me in his own way.

2) Challenging - It isn't easy to find Christ in every situation, or even in every person. It is sometimes hard to choose his way over the worldly way... and sometimes people can be harsh or mean when you choose to go the other way.

3) Alive - My relationship with Christ is a living breathing things with ebbs and flows. Some days I'm feeling the love very much, but other days I can get mad at him. It is a continual struggle to make sure that I am laying my troubles at his feet and not carrying the burden on myself.

4) Humbling - When I think of the sacrifice that was made to pay for my sins - it brings me to my knees. To be able to learn from his example and try to form my own life in his shadow is nothing sort of an experience in humility.

5) Educational - Everyday, whether it be through scripture or through my fellow Christian brothers & sisters... I learn something new. We all take in information in our own ways, but the experience of sharing the teachings always leaves me renewed. Christ gives us just the right people or passages to help us everyday... and I find that AMAZING! (that would be my 6th word)

Jenn would love to have some new friends join her for her feature. So grab the graphic, and when you have your list together head on over to her Five Word Friday post and leave her a link to your post in the comments.


  1. Excellent answers! As I read them, I realize it's impossible to describe a relationship with Jesus in ONLY 5 words...what's neat about it is that the 5 words we choose are relevant to us and that just goes to show the uniqueness of a personal relationship and how God avails Himself to us!

  2. Ohhh, some great words.

    Darn it, you two are trying to make me think too much!

  3. happy birthday!!!!!!!!! i hope its filled with tons of cake, balloons, music, love and that all of your wishes come true!


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