Thursday, May 28, 2009

Good News Finally

I've been waiting all day to report back on my blood work... it was another crazy stressful day at the office, and I think I'm hitting a breaking point with all of that. The good thing was that at least by the time I left - I did hear "E" tell me that I had done a good job... so at least we're getting through this storm and hopefully tomorrow will be relatively stress free.

The doctor's office called me just a few minutes ago, and my testosterone level has dropped back into normal range again! YAY!

This means that we can move forward. The plan for now is that John is going to get his testing done on Monday, and we'll have to wait a week before hearing the results on his tests. We wanted to go ahead and get that done before spending the money on the treatments for me - just so that we can know for peace of mind that we aren't doing all of this in vain.

Basically, we want to make sure that we don't spend the money on my treatments if there is a possibility that he'll need some treatments first... I highly doubt anything is wrong with him - but before we spend $1,000 on injections and another $1,500+ on ultrasounds and inseminations... it would be good to know.

The other option was to wait until time for an actual insemination and let them test him then... but that just seems backwards considering we'd already be out all the money for my treatments.

ANYWAY - it looks like it'll be about the 8th before we'll have his results - then we'll order the injectable medicines and get started. Until we get the injections delivered - I will stay on the pill to keep my testosterone levels down.