Saturday, May 2, 2009

Guest Posting

Oh you guys, you've got to pop on over to Jen's blog and read my post for today... it's a hysterical post about my adventures traveling with my family. I don't know if it's sadder or funnier that every single one of the bullets has happened to me... but I know that you'll enjoy the post. Leave a comment and let Jen know that you came over to read, and then come back and also tell me if you've had any similar vacation moments.

I'm being super lazy the first part of the day - I am still in my pajamas and it's 12:15... I had planned on going to the grocery store, but in one of his great "knight in shining armor" moments - John went for me. Yes, I know that I'm a lucky lady!

We are scheduled to work at our church's Spring Fling this afternoon from about 4-8 tonight... so I'm saving up my energy for that. I'm working a treasure hunt booth from 4-6 and then will be taking pictures from 6-8. Hopefully we don't wear ourselves out too much with all the fun.

I'm sure that I'll have some great shots to share with you guys tomorrow. I hope that you're having a great day, and that you're enjoying some sunshine in some form.