Saturday, May 2, 2009

Photog Going

When I was in high school, I was on the photography staff for the newspaper and yearbook. We of course were a different group than the reporters and editors... and we got to play in the darkroom... which - lets face it, was the COOLEST part of the whole thing. I dearly loved printing my own pictures, and being able to play with the exposure and the chemical components involved in printing pictures. There is nothing more rewarding and relaxing than printing beautiful black and white photos. (yes, if I could find a darkroom to play with regularly - I would be in heaven!)

Anyway, when we were designing our t-shirts back then... you know, as teenagers - we liked to push the envelope to see what we could get away with. So we had glow in the dark shirts made and had the slogan of "Photos do it best in the dark" on them. In retrospect - it's not as funny as we thought it was, but anyway...

I'm not sure why I'm sharing that with ya'll, but I spent a few minutes in the back yard this morning playing around with some images of the flowers and things growing in the back of our house. Typically, I am more drawn to images of actual people - the beauty of facial expressions and things are always more dynamic to me, but scenery is great too.

So here is some of the scenery that I've been seeing on a daily basis.

One of two matching hanging baskets on our porch...

Flowers in our corner flower beds on the sides of the yard... these flowers are just really pretty and intricate.

Literally, a weed in the middle of the yard... but it looks pretty in this image.

Our tomato plant is blooming... so we'll have fruit soon!

We've also got blooms on our bell pepper plants too.
Getting ready to leave for the Spring Fling - so I hope you guys enjoy the rest of your day!

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  1. Lovely photos and hope you enjoyed your Spring Fling!


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