Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Open Letter - Bathroom Lady

You know, I get it that you might need a moment to handle some personal business - and the cubicle farm office environment isn't exactly friendly to that. Honestly, I get it - I've had to say the word insemination on the phone in my cube more times than anyone should EVER say that word in public.

However, lounging on the couch in the ladies room - might not be the best place to handle said business. I mean people are in there to do other "personal business" and might need an ounce of privacy... or well at least to not worry about someone on the other end of your phone hearing the toilet flush.

When as a society did we get so lapse on manners that we actually think it's okay to use a PHONE in a public bathroom? I mean seriously, I've heard people actually talking while doing their own "personal business", flush and never stop talking.

So, in closing - I'd just like to give you the option of maybe sitting out in the lobby by the fountain to talk to your child's school... or maybe go outside the front door of the building and carry on your conversation as needed.

Just think about where you are sitting - because the bathroom here isn't really big enough that you couldn't hear everything that is going on in there on the opposite end of your phone. I'm just sayin'.

Needs a Little Privacy too