Sunday, June 7, 2009

Craft Night

On Friday night - I was invited to the inaugoral open house for my friend Jenn's craft room. It was fantastic... she is certainly gifted when it comes to entertaining. We had some fabulous snacks, games, and of course some great conversation.

The games were hillarious... the first one - she gave us a piece of green cardstock and a piece of brown... we had to tear the paper behind our backs into the shapes needed to build a palm tree. Some of them were hysterical... and there were a few that were decent too. She had scrapbook type prizes for the winner.

The second game was to take the letters in the words: Scrapbooking, Photography, or Croppin Cabana (the name of her scrapbooking room) and make as many words as we could with the one word we chose. I chose scrapbooking... we got one point per letter in each of the words we made.... and I got 97 points! So I won... and my prize was a GREAT craft caddy - that I can't wait to use.

I got a lot of scrapping done as well - so here are some pictures of my layouts from the night...

In my family - there are 6 birthdays in October... so I did a layout for the party that we have every year - the October Birthday Extravaganza.

My Halloween layout - I think this one is my favorite that I did that night.

John's cousin David's wedding reception...

Thanksgiving Day with John's family.

Thanksgiving weekend with my Dad & family.


  1. Sounds like so much fun! I have never done scrapbooking before, I guess my blog has become my scrapbook. Your pages look adorable though! <3 Becky


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