Sunday, June 7, 2009

What a Weekend

This weekend hasn't quite turned out quite as I expected, but I've enjoyed it anyway. We started off yesterday expecting for our cleaning lady to come for her last time - but she didn't show up. Instead of being able to work in the craft room while she cleaned - I cleaned our house myself. (I know revolutionary stuff, right?) Well, John offered me the $80 that we'd normally pay her... could be a good gig, huh? We'll see.

Last night was rough though - we ended up going to bed around midnight... at which time someone in our neighborhood thought would be the best time to set off fireworks for like 2 hours. It was CRAZY! It was incredibly frustrating, but it did finally end... I think in total - I might have gotten around 3 hours of sleep last night.

Today, we had church as usual - but we had a visitor - Brooklyn came to church today with John's parents. She didn't enjoy being in the 2 year old class much, but we then took her for the afternoon while Jim & Betty went downtown to visit John's grandmother at her nursing home. We had a great time with Brooklyn... she did MUCH better than she did at church.

We enjoyed a fun trip to Pets Mart, McDonald's, and then came home for lunch. After lunch we did some playing until Brooklyn wore herself out and fell sleep on our couch. She slept for a while, but Jim & Betty came back right about the time she went down for her nap - so it gave us some time to chat with them before the headed back up to Montgomery.

Here are some pictures of our playtime...

Playing with the walk/push toy... it's got balls in it and they pop and light up when you push the toy around. It also counts from 1 to 10... it is really cute, I've seen several of the little girls take it and play with it like its a vacuum.

Playing with the building blocks with Uncle John.

Building is FUN!

Creation number 1... they made one or two other things before it was time for some coloring.

Here is Miss Graceful during her nap... you can see that I was laying down with her until Jim & Betty got here... although I pretty much stayed there so that she didn't fall off the couch.
It's been a nice weekend, and I'm looking forward to hearing some news from the doctor tomorrow... then a maybe a more craft-full relaxing weekend again next week. Only time will tell. Hopefully by this time next week though - we'll have lots of questions answered, and things will be moving again.


  1. Brooklyn is adorable! I'm sure she loved playing with you both! Hope you get better sleep tonight with NO fireworks!

  2. OMG! I have the exact same couches as you! I bought them in September. How WEIRD! Thank you so much for your email. I've been writing curriculum for my summer classes so I haven't had a chance to write back. I'm hoping things will slow down by the end of the week and then I can write back.

  3. That nap picture is hilarious... what I wouldn't give to sleep like a kid again!


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