Saturday, June 13, 2009

Five Word Friday

The Five Word Friday topic this week is to describe yourself using only fruits and vegetables... interesting concept - so even though I'm a day late - I had to post this one!! Go over to Jenn's blog and read her answers and concept... then write your own post. Let us both know what you think about our answers too!

1) Avocado - I tend to be mushy... I love all things romantic. Small gifts, acts of service, words of affirmation... I'm pretty much a sucker for it all. I also am shaped like an avocado for the most part - smaller on top - larger and rounder on the bottom.

2) Zucchini - Fairly subtle and doesn't really do much on it's own... but goes with everything. I basically can blend and get along with most people without much trouble - I can hang for a while and don't make waves.

3) Peach - sweet and drippy. HAHAHA! No really, I get so attached to people that I get sappy really easily and attached to friendships of people that I've never even met. I also miss them when it's the weekend or whatever and we don't talk like we'd regularly talk. Since Jenn also mentioned her skin... mine is pretty much like a peach - soft, full, flawless... but it does bruise easily.

4) Strawberry - another sweet one, but the reason I can relate to this one is that you never see a strawberry standing on it's own. They come in packages with their friends, family, spouse... ect. That's me... I rarely go anywhere alone (except the grocery store and occasionally Target) because I'd much rather be sharing life with someone else.

5) Spinach - can sometimes be gritty and raw... or soft and cooked... this is SO me. Depending on what is happening - my personality and writing reflects it. This last week has been gritty and raw... but you already knew that.

There are my 5 - what are yours?


  1. Wow! I don't know how long it took you to come up with those, but they are brilliant!

    This could be so much fun if more people would tcatch on to it!


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