Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hot'n Healthy Oatmeal Squares

So, what happens when Kim is left waiting too long for a prescription to be ready on Tuesday? She spends her time wandering the aisles of Walgreen's in search of things that she just can't live without!

I'd heard about these Pure Protein Hot'n Healthy Oatmeal Squares on several other blogs that I read from time to time... and they happened to be on sale - and I hadn't eaten all day because of my blood work... so I was hungry... and all planets aligned - so I bought the chocolate chip and cinnamon roll versions.

Yesterday, I finally ate the chocolate chip version - I left the cinnamon roll version for John to try... because I'm nice like that. And can I just say that these are REALLY good?! I ate it cold instead of warming it up, but I can see how that would only stand to make it better.

I didn't even feel like I was eating a protein supplement - it was sweet enough to suffice as a dessert even... and I'd totally buy another! If you haven't tried them - I think you should. They are a great alternative to getting some protein while you are on the go... or while you are feeling the need for something warm and yummy.

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  1. They actually look really good. Wonder if I can find them around here as we don't have Walgreens!

  2. Sometimes I think they make us wait for prescriptions, just so we buy stuff. The pharmacy we go to is in a grocery store, and they have all sorts of yummy treats placed on display nearby. It's a conspiracy!!

  3. So... do they have soy in them? What's the sweetener?

    I'm so picky! And always on the lookout for good post-op food!


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