Thursday, June 25, 2009


Don't forget to sign up for the necklace giveaway contest here... contest closes on Saturday - so don't miss out.

Other than that - an update on this crazy bug that has taken over my life COMPLETELY! I've spent the last two days at home trying to recover, and while I'm back at work today... I've already been told to get out of here.

I'm trying to hang in here until John gets done with his 2:00 meeting so that we can still carpool home. It would really throw a wrench in things for today if we had to drive separately. So we'll see how it works out.

I plan on calling my doctor's office and beg for more drugs because clearly the ones that I took on Tuesday only aggravated this thing. I think it's mocking me at this point - because I'm fairly functional, but if I could carve my eyeballs out - I think that at least the pain would go away.

Any of you that have had the unfortunate displeasure of having a migraine headache can relate to this pain - you know how your eyeballs feel when the headache subsides and you're just left with that dull pain from your eyes being just overly exhausted... it's sort of like that.

Ya'll this sucker is bad... I mean seriously - when is the last time I bought a Starbucks and had to FORCE myself to drink it? I just flat don't really want it... but since I paid almost $4 for it - I'm going to ingest it!

Speaking of Starbucks, I bought John an orange juice this morning - which was the same price as my coffee! (WTH?) Poor thing called a little while ago and was like: "ummm... we're not paying $4 for orange juice ever again. It's gross!" It is full of pulp and not very sweet - so I told him to go over by where they have the coffee and get some sugar packets... at least he can sweeten it. I guess he could get a coffee filter and strain it too... but seriously - $4 for juice?! They HAVE to be putting crack in their drinks - because why else would we subject ourselves to these prices?

I guess that I'm a wee bit cranky... and it's not helped by the fact that my doctor's office opens and 8:30 - but really they don't open until 8:45! GAH!

Okay...I'm quitting - before I run off all my readers.


  1. Sorry you're under the weather. Hope you get some good drugs soon! I hear you on the doctor's experience is they NEVER turn off the answering service until well after when they are supposed to open the office!

  2. $4 OJ would make me cranky too! Hope you get to feeling better!

  3. Sorry you're feeling bad. I had a bug that stuck with me for three weeks. I finally got over it after two rounds of anti-biotic's and a bottle of codeine cough syrup!

    Feel better!

  4. I think Starbucks is generally overpriced tho I do indulge from time to time.

    Hope you are soon feeling better, Kim!

  5. I wonder why Starbucks feels like they can charge that much when you can buy almost 2 gallons of orange juice at the store for that price (ok that is using the frozen concentrate but still).

    Maybe you should be drinking to OJ though. The extra C might help you feel better sooner. At least then you feel like you are doing something else to help.

  6. I'm sorry you are hurting right now :( I have never had to force my Starbucks-so you must feel pretty bad! FOUR DOLLA for orange juice is just a bunch of B.S.!!!! That is crizzzazzzy! Hope you get to feeling better soon...

  7. You poor thing!! Having to force-drink Starbucks equals very sick indeed. I hope you are feeling better soon!! ($4 for OJ? Definitely supports the crack theory.)


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