Sunday, June 28, 2009

Silent Sunday

Ok... sort of silent... you know I can't put out photos without captions...

This was Father's Day - and I just thought Brooklyn and Ryan were adorable in this picture.

The family Mario Cart tournament...

John's cousin had an engagement party the day before Father's Day, and it was a luau.... so this is the whole pig that we had.

It's blurry - but I just love this kid...

My in-laws... relaxing...

This is what you get when you ask Brooklyn to show you her "teefies"

Another "teefie" shot... with all of her lei's.

My sister-in-law, Susan... being tickled by Carl... Carl is John and Susan's cousin.

Joe and Melody - the happy couple!
It was a great Saturday to celebrate Father's Day and an engagement... the wedding will be in December - and I'm so happy that it'll be cool! Because I can't imagine anyone trying to get married in this 106 degree heat!


  1. Wow, those are some great pictures! It looks like it was a fun engagement party.

  2. I always enjoy your photos! Brooklyn is so adorable!


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