Monday, June 15, 2009

Slightly Frightening

You know we're in trouble down here in southeast Texas when it is barely mid-June and it's already over 99 degrees outside... GAH! What is August going to be like?! I guess it'll be well into the 110-115 range... good thing that I work indoors, right? Sheesh!

I'm not feeling particularly inspired to write anything right now - really not much of anything is keeping my interest - so that's probably more of it than anything else. I haven't been feeling great - and just pretty blah... so bare with me a little longer.

This weekend was good - and productive - but notsomuch on the relaxing. Saturday - I woke up and while John was at church... I mowed, weed-eated, and edged the yard... then because my arms were about to fall off and I couldn't get the blower started - I rinsed off the sidewalks and driveway. I never knew how much arm strength it took to weed-eat and edge... my arms were shaking well into the night, and now are extremely sore. Must have been a GREAT upper body workout!

Saturday night we went to a party for our church. It was a party for people that are in small groups - it was a 50's themed party... and it was a lot of fun. Not much happened with the theme, but we had burgers and lots of other goodies... and it's always fun to get together and chat with our church friends for a while.

Sunday was insanely busy! We started the day at church...which for some reason involved another round of nausea... and at around 1 - I left to come to work. I had to give an elevator speech (read - short and sweet) to the people attending our intern orientation... I had no idea that I would have to stand up in front of somewhere between 80-120 people! GAH!

After that was over - I headed home to help John with babysitting for some friends of ours. They have a 3 year old... and it was nice. Once we settled in to watch some Caillou - she was all set and snuggled up with me on the couch. She was having such a good time - she didn't even want to leave when her parents got there.

Thank goodness - while babysitting - John made us some soup for dinner. Because by the time our friend left - I was completely wiped out. I don't know what was up with me... but I had a REALLY bad case of nausea all the way until 1 or 2 this morning... and every joint/muscle in my body was aching when I tried to go to bed.

I don't know what is up with that, but nothing good can come from it - I just pray that I don't come down with something... because I don't have time for that right now. If it could hold off until after August 6th - I could probably hang with it. (If only it worked that way!)

John is going to be meeting with a couple of other guys from our church tonight for a Bible study or something, so I'll probably go to bed early for good measure... if not to sleep - at least to lay there with a good book and rest.


  1. 99, are you serious?? I was DYING this weekend at 92 in Orlando... I don't know a lot about your weather, but I hope it's not as humid as it is here. TORTURE! It's that kind of hot that makes you want to lie indoors naked under a fan all day! :)

  2. I'm with you on the weather...we had to run laps tonight at boot camp outside. Yikes!


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