Monday, July 27, 2009

Beyond Angry

So it just keeps getting better - I've waited ALL day for a phone call back from my regular doctor and the only suggestion on his part is completely irrational. He seems to think that I have an ulcer - which is completely not even on my radar.

I looked up the symptoms of ulcers, and while I have the nausea - that is the ONLY symptom of an ulcer that I have. That doesn't even begin to get into the issue with the extreme fatigue. He told me to take some Prilosec OTC in the morning and evening - and if that helps - then we know it's an ulcer... if not then I need to have another endoscopy to make sure there is no ulcer. (Ummm, sure - lets just keep putting Kim under anesthetic and check for things that don't exist!)

Until the man suggested it - I haven't even had an ounce of stomach pain... but of course my blood is boiling right now - so I don't trust it.

Oh my goodness... ya'll - I could SCREAM! John is pretty ticked off - and something is up with Dr. Weinstein - I don't know what it is, but we're considering finding a new doctor. Which makes me sad - because honestly - I used to think that he hung the moon, but lately he just hasn't been giving me the same quality of care... and I just am not willing to waste any more time.

I've been dealing with this for 5 weeks, and I'm over it - as you know from my earlier post - I'm pretty much at the end of my rope with this one. The only thing that might change my mind would be talking with Dr. Mac (my infertility doc) to see if this could be a result from the continual birth control therapy... or something along those lines.

I'll be talking with them probably later this week, and I'll ask a few questions then - but then we'll be grilling him on Monday with every question we can think of. Until then - I might be unbearable to be around... or at least for the people that have to actually see me in person - before I am able to filter what I say.

Ok - so I'm going to go boil myself in the bathtub and try not to spend the rest of the night crying out of frustration at the highest level. It's probably a good thing that I forced them to have him call me instead of making my 4th trip over there in 5 weeks... because I literally might have kicked him in the shins - as the Other Kim suggested.

John is totally ticked off - which is understandable - because if it were me watching my husband go through this - I'd be desperate to help. He's going to be seeing his surgeon on August 10th - and we've really liked him... so he's going to ask him if he knows of any good primary care doctors that are skilled with people that have had gastric bypass/gastric sleeve surgeries. That is the sucky part of this - is that I am comfortable in his knowledge with my vitamin levels... but lately other things don't seem right. I think he ticked John off when he told us that he doesn't believe in chronic fatigue syndrome... which is what Dr. Mac is testing for me right now. Dr. Mac's office says that there is treatment that will help with that - and seriously - at this point... I'll try anything.


  1. i know, honey. hang in there. i love you.

  2. I'm so sorry that you are feeling so crummy. That diagnosis sounds totally off base. Feeling like your doctor is not on your side is so horrible. I am praying for your and recovery and a correct diagnosis (and your husbands sanity). HUGS!!!!!!

  3. okay, i checked back with my friend that had mysterious symptoms...they finally diagnosed her with a systemic (throughout the whole body) yeast infection. at first they thought she might have addison's disease---similar symptoms, but it wasn't that.

    i looked up (googled) both and found the symptoms listed...some are what you've described. it could be the early stages of one of these, but then again, it could be completely unrelated, so don't get panicked!!!

  4. Oooh maybe let John kick the dr in the shins! He would kick harder.

    It is so aggravating that they don't feel like they have to listen. I am a little cranky with the medical community anyway right now, so I think I will shut up before I drag out my soapbox.

    I am praying that you will soon feel better.

  5. Great first step, to ask if the continual BC therapy is causing some/most of the symptoms you have right now.

    I'm gettin' ticked FOR John...I swear, have doctors forgotten we are people, not just names and stats in a chart? Crimony sakes! Kinda makes one wonder what we're paying for when we have to do all the asking...seems to me we are paying for their "expertise" so they should give us as much pertinent information as they can. I guess all the co-pay covers is a crappy visit with minimal treatment...

    Girl, you know your body and when something isn't right. Don't you settle for over-the-phone diagnosis. I know you well enough that you won't tolerate this and your docs need to be TOLD.

    I'm so want me to come down there? I don't take kindly to people treatin' people I care about like they are nothin'...gets me Irish up, know what I'm sayin'?

  6. I would have to agree with you; seems like my last visit to Dr. W was off. I couldn't put my finger on it, but it was off, just the same.

    I would move on and find another doc. Especially if you're not longer comfortable and don't feel he has your best interests at heart.

    I am not defending, but I have read where RNY post-ops are more susceptable to ulceration -- and who knows how they present??? While the idea is way out there, it's not 100% remote... okay, maybe 99%.

    Have you considered alternative medicine approaches for the fatigue? How about acupunture? It seems to have subsided my thyroid sputtering, so I'm slowly becoming a believer.

    You know, my friend Liz G is a post-op. She's on my FB page. She constantly suffers from nausea and fatique. She's so overtired that she can't sleep! Maybe exchange some symptoms with her? Just a thought.

    Will keep you and John in my prayers... I just want you feeling better!


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