Monday, July 20, 2009


It certainly seems like my life has been all over the map lately - between all the things being thrown at me and trying to keep my head above water... I'm worn out. I might be starting to feel a little better - it's early but I'm possibly turning the corner toward feeling like a human again. With absolutely ZERO sleep last night, however, lets not get crazy and throw a party or anything... I'm still in dire need of some sleep!

In the midst of it all... I got a completely random phone call about a job. Apparently, they found my information on CareerBuilder from a year ago when I was looking for my current position... and wanted me to come in to interview with them.

There was a catch...

A HUGE catch...

The organization was Planned Parenthood. Ya'll - I just couldn't do it.

I'm not making this an open debate on abortion... because that's not what I'm here for... but I will say that in my current position in life - I just couldn't be a woman doing every fertility treatment I can get my hands on while working to support others that are choosing to end their own pregnancies.

I'm not judging those women - and certainly Planned Parenthood does some things that are good... I took several friends there in high school to get them on the birth control pill so that they could at least be responsible in their choices/actions.

I just don't think I'm in a place morally or emotionally that I could put everything aside and work for them. Not only that, but I just am not in a place where I can put aside my beliefs for a paycheck... I mean to a certain extent - yes, but not something so fundamental.


  1. No, even if i was pro-choice, i can't imagine working in such a place when i'm so desperate to have a child. It would be a slap in the face each & every day.

    Of course, i'd have ethical issues with it as well.

  2. Boy, if THAT'S not the mother of all ironies...sheesh! I'm actually surprised you were able to narrow down your thoughts to a rather short post!

  3. All moral issues aside - that would be torture, plain and simple. I couldn't do it either, no matter how much they offered to pay me.

  4. Very wise decision, especially given where you are now. Though my views differ slightly from yours (I really don't think we are that far off) I couldn't work for them either as abortion as birth control ticks me off. As a female who was unable to get pregnant I have huge issues with that as well as with the cost of adoptions through agencies.

  5. I suppose it is nice to be wanted but . . . .

    To be honest, I don't think its a "at this stage in my life" sort of thing. Long after your littles are big, you remember how hard you prayed for them to be born and working at PP would be too draining.


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