Monday, July 20, 2009


It certainly seems like my life has been all over the map lately - between all the things being thrown at me and trying to keep my head above water... I'm worn out. I might be starting to feel a little better - it's early but I'm possibly turning the corner toward feeling like a human again. With absolutely ZERO sleep last night, however, lets not get crazy and throw a party or anything... I'm still in dire need of some sleep!

In the midst of it all... I got a completely random phone call about a job. Apparently, they found my information on CareerBuilder from a year ago when I was looking for my current position... and wanted me to come in to interview with them.

There was a catch...

A HUGE catch...

The organization was Planned Parenthood. Ya'll - I just couldn't do it.

I'm not making this an open debate on abortion... because that's not what I'm here for... but I will say that in my current position in life - I just couldn't be a woman doing every fertility treatment I can get my hands on while working to support others that are choosing to end their own pregnancies.

I'm not judging those women - and certainly Planned Parenthood does some things that are good... I took several friends there in high school to get them on the birth control pill so that they could at least be responsible in their choices/actions.

I just don't think I'm in a place morally or emotionally that I could put everything aside and work for them. Not only that, but I just am not in a place where I can put aside my beliefs for a paycheck... I mean to a certain extent - yes, but not something so fundamental.