Sunday, July 19, 2009

Crafts and Thank You

As promised - I took some pictures of the crafts that we made on Friday night - and I think they are super cute!

We made these cards - which were super fun. We took a big piece of card stock and stamped all over them - then Danielle cut them down for us... and we made these cards. I made a set of 6, and she gave me envelopes to go with them as well... the only problem left is finding occasions and people that I'd be willing to actually give these cards for... I like them so much I may never part with them!

We also made these pens - or well Danielle made mine while I finished up my cards because it was getting late... and we both were getting delirious. The one on the left has the paper inside the pen body... the one on the right has it on the outside with some beads to make it that much more unique. I LOVE pens... so this was right up my alley.

I've gotten lots of comments from this post about our current fertility updates... it is encouraging that you all agree this is current plan is solid and that the testing is a good idea. I too was surprised that the doctor didn't suggest it to us - but over the weekend I found our original paperwork from our first visit with him. Apparently the HSG (I think that's what you guys called it) is pretty far down on the list of tests that he'd order... so it looks like we could have gone through several cycles with the IUI before he'd suggest it himself.

I will update when that gets scheduled - and ask for some prayers - as I've heard that it has been everything from uncomfortable to down right painful... depending on the people mentioning their experience. I've got some pain medicine left from my gallbladder surgery - I'm seriously considering taking it with me... The one thing that I don't know - and I'll ask you guys to give me advice on - is this something that I can do on my own - or am I going to be better off having John there to drive me home after the test? I'd guess that if I took the pain meds - he'd insist on coming with me... but I just want to ask your opinions.

Finally, I want to make sure that you're all on the same page with us - because I got several encouraging comments about people getting pregnant right away after having the test. While it might be extremely helpful for us - because it seems like even if there is no visible blockage - it can clean you out just the same... so I see it as a beneficial test regardless of if they find blockage or not. My point though is that we're still going to have to do fertility treatments because I do not ovulate on my own... there is NO evidence that I've done it ever in my lifetime... so I will for sure need the drugs to stimulate egg production and then another drug to stimulate their release. We also are at a point where the doctor thinks that our only option is to inseminate or do IVF at this point because of the quality of John's sperm. (I can't believe I finally used that word... couldn't think of anything better.) So the HSG won't solve all our problems... but it will help us feel better, and will if nothing else make sure that things are all clear.


  1. Kim - I am still praying for you and John everyday! I also had the test done where they see if your tubes are open. It was NOT painful at all for me, but I have heard that everyone's experience is different. Chris did go with me bc we didn't know what to expect. I would suggest John be there just for support if possible. You will do fine though - it didn't seem like a big deal at all! I think they give you pain meds in advance to take.

    I have also heard about people getting prego right after the testing. I asked the tech who did mine and he also agreed there might be some truth to it! Good luck!

  2. My HSG was not painful, just a little uncomfortable. Others have told me they experienced pain, though. I guess every woman and doctor is different. Probably to be on the safe side...and for the's a good idea to bring John if he can go with you.

    I'm sure your doctor will tell you this, but if there is ANY REMOTE CHANCE that you are pregnant, you should do a blood pregnancy test before the HSG procedure.

    By the way, I love the cards you made. They are so elegant. I've never made cards before, but I'd love to learn!

  3. I love the card and the pens. I like that type of pen but I never thought of putting paper in it like that.

    As for the other, just remember that it is scientifically impossible for the bumblebee to fly and God had Zachariah's Elizabeth get pregnant when she was well past menopause. I am not saying don't use the IUI or IVF and the meds. I am saying don't limit God.

    And I will butt out now.

  4. You are so creative, my friend - love the card and the pens!

    About the hsg, I'm in the same boat as you. I don't ovulate so well (or at all?) on my own, so I looked at it more as a diagnostic tool than a treatment. I'm glad you're going to have it done. If you end up going the IUI route, it's much better to know for sure that your tubes are open before you spend the $$ (and waste the time, if there's a tubal issue).

    Definitely take John for moral support!!

  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the card!!! Now that I have all my crafting supplies back, I am anxious to get going with it again. I'll be helping a friend making her wedding invites and programs. We did a test run last week and boy did that wet my appetite for card-making again! I even made a quick, simple love card for my husband by embossing some paper...

    Boy, I can't wait to see what happens with this test. It sure seems like this would be one of the FIRST things they would test before proceeding with IVF or or anything. Cart before the horse, in my opinion, but I consider it a praise that God would bring this information to mind for you, before dropping all the dough on procedures that may/may not work.

    You are continually prayed for!

  6. I wish I had more of an eye for crafts...I'm always so jealous when I see your pictures! They are awesome!


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