Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I'm still struggling to find some balance... so please do bear with me. Not only have I stopped using the computer at home, but for some reason this week has been extremely busy for me at the office - I've had to design a new report for my boss to use to meet with some of our board members... and lets just say that I've needed to learn some serious accounting skills for this one!

It's no secret that we have some bizarre neighbors... and for the price we paid for our house... it's a little bit concerning to me. I mean we bought this house in THAT neighborhood to avoid people like this... ugh!

The people across the street - the ones with the kid that thought his fireworks show should go from 2AM to 3AM... are just the worst possible scenario when it comes to neighbors. They are the ones that - shortly after we moved in - had one of their dogs try to attack us... which of course started a war of words. Their other dog is a pitbull that would kill anything just walking down the street if it could get to it.

When the dog in question tried to attack us... it wasn't like he was out just in their front yard... they are on the corner - and this dog was in their back yard... when we heard a huge crack - and a fence board flying... he literally ran at the fence and busted through with his HEAD! I just keep waiting for the news trucks to come out because these dogs have hurt someone. The scariest part for me is that the corner of their house happens to be the bus stop for all the kids on our street as well... the kids have moved to the other side of the corner... but still - it is just too close.

We've lived in our house for almost two years now... the dog incident happened maybe a month after we moved in... and since that time - the kid seemed to have become a decent human being - that is until the 4th of July... but we do have a theory that he might have been drunk... who knows.

He has come over and helped John put mulch out in our yard... and offered to help with the lawn... neither of which will ever happen again... but just made us think that they were becoming normal members of society.

That is until I started noticing something...

You see in Houston right now - the temperature is roughly hanging in around 106 degrees everyday... which means to all of you that haven't experienced the heat and humidity that we have... it is MISERABLE. HOT. STICKY. All of which makes you seek air conditioning... I mean it's like a race to figure out exactly how quickly you can get from one air conditioned place to another... with as little time in between as possible.

Our neighbors though - spend literally ALL of their waking time in their garage... they have it set up like a freaking living room. They keep the door halfway open... and sit in there all the time. What is up with that?! Are they living so far outside of their means that they can't afford to turn on the air conditioning? Are they pod people? How can they stand it?

This isn't the first time we've experienced something like this either - we once lived across the hall from some people in an apartment that had literally 10 kids... a Cadillac Escalade... and ZERO furniture in their apartment.

Are we just crazy neighbor magnets? I mean I haven't even TOLD you about the people around the corner... that HAVE to be renters... because I can't imagine paying $200,000 for a house... and letting it look like that... I mean literally everything in their front yard, side yard... and probably back yard too has died. Not just browned because of the heat - like the rest of us... but literally DIED... like crispy - snap it in two - died. We've been meaning to call the Home Owners Association... but haven't gotten around to it yet.

So that's our neighbors in a nutshell... what are yours like?