Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Old or Ailing?

The last few days, I've been having some obscure symptoms - and I can't put my finger on what they mean... or if they are even connected in the slightest way.

Before I even start to tell you about them - can I just say that I am SO incredibly tired of feeling like I'm 112... and when someone asks me how I'm doing... I want to tell them my laundry list of problems. Thank goodness - my shyness helps me filter that down into the one word... "Fine." John, however, (poor guy) does get to hear about all my issues... it's a wonder that he didn't invoke some sort of "lemon law" and send me packing years ago.

So... you want to hear what is going on? Hopefully you said yes... because otherwise - you might want to shut down the computer... nothing really graphic though - just weird.

Lets start with my never-ending nausea... and I'm talking about debilitating nausea... like literally on Saturday night - during our neighbor's fireworks extravaganza... I literally wanted to fall asleep with my head in the toilet... because I wasn't sure what I was suffering from more - nausea or exhaustion. Weird thing about this nausea though - is that it really hasn't effected my appetite in anyway... which seriously, I could use a little appetite suppressant right now!

Second, we come to plain old exhaustion... beyond your everyday normal tiredness. I mean, I've said before that I needed toothpicks to hold my eyes open... but I don't even think that would help right now. I'm delirious at times... and every night this week - I've totally crashed on the couch at like 6:00... unintentionally! What is that about?!

Thirdly, is my body temperature... it hasn't gotten back to normal since before I was sick. My normal is about the temperature of your average corpse... literally - normal for me is 96.1. So when I was running a steady 100.4 fever for several days - you can see my concern and why I couldn't really get out of bed. The odd thing though is that it is still running at least at a 98.5... so what is up with that? I also have to sleep without the covers on me for the most part - because I get so hot - I break out in the sweats. Which as a downside... means dehydration... and mosquito bites from the renegade mosquitoes that ride into the house on my dogs. (So, yes... that is why there is a tube of Benadryl cream next to my bed.)

If I didn't know better - I'd consider these to be symptoms of pregnancy... but I've been on continual therapy birth control pills since the beginning of May... so unless something totally bizarre happened while I was on antibiotics... it's not even possible.

Even at that - I am so convinced that I'm just insane... I can't even consider the real possibility of that... because honestly - I'm so scarred from all the years of negative pregnancy tests - I don't even WANT to take one. I loathe them... and would avoid them at all costs. Not to mention - I don't even think they are that accurate. UGH!

What's wrong with me!? And it's not vitamin related... because believe me - that is checked MORE than it is for any other human on the planet.... except my other Cut & Paste girls that see Dr. Weinstein... and even still - probably more than theirs too!


  1. Hmmm... given that pregnancy is highly unlikely considering your current treatment, and given that it's not vitamins... maybe mono?

    Dr. Meggs prescribes Thursday and Friday off of work with permission to sleep 12+ hours per day with no workouts. Maybe after 4 days like that you'll be well-rested???

  2. The tiredness may be related to stress. Have you recently had a physical - and I mean just plain old physical without relation to infertility treatments or WLS? I guess somewhere along the way it could all be related, but I wonder if it's not something totally disconnected to the two?

  3. I agree with JLI that you should have a physical. But I also think you should have a pg test, just to make sure. I can't even count the number of people I know who have gotten pregnant while on the pill. I know the disappointment when you see the negative is overwhelming, but if it were positive, you'd want to do everything you can to ensure healthy baby, especially the first trimester.

  4. i say test anyway. weirder things have happened.

  5. I'm with JLI...maybe you should go to your regular doc and do a routine physcial with bloodwork. So sorry you're feeling bad. I hope it's nothing serious.

  6. My vote is for testing also. I know how heartbreaking it is but it will give you some peace of mind so you see what you need to do one way or another!

  7. honestly, it will probably be disapointing, but pee on a stick and then go from there. Are you on any other wacko hormones? That sounds alot like what I feel like on estrogen.

  8. Okay - so being that I work with bariatric post-ops and counsel them on their post-op labs and appropriate supplementation, my first question is this:

    What's your ferritin level, girlfriend?



  9. Well, you have lots of good advice here and I can't even add onto it. Doctor, yes. PG test, yes though I totally get how awful a negative is but you can at least rule that out. So to add to what the others have said: Get thee to your PCP and get some testing done.

  10. I'm late to the party - I hate it when work interferes with my online life!! ;) Just wanted to chime in and say, I hope you're feeling better soon, and that you can figure out what's causing this. (((hugs)))

  11. Is the nausea constant or only after you eat? It may totally be mono or epstein barr virus (chronic fatigue)... weinstein can check that out for you too! I suffer from that, and I feel 112 sometimes as well!!

    Dr. W will take good care of you.. He even deals well when you just start crying b/c you want to feel normal! LOL


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