Friday, July 17, 2009

Peace At Last

Let me start off by telling you guys about something completely amazing that I just found out about... we haven't talked to much about our situation with John's parents until recently... and his parents spent the first three days of this week fasting and praying for us! Isn't that just one of the sweetest things you've ever heard?

Ok... from here - it might become too much medical information for some readers (DAD - Lynne is up to speed and ready to filter it to you)... the rest of you buckle up and keep reading.

As expected, we got the results of John's updated testing today - and his levels are SO much better... they are still just shy of where they want them to be, but with our new chosen course of action - they should be just right by the time that the plan is back on track.

Thanks to the Love Dare - John and I have really upped our communication lately - and were talking on the way home yesterday about our situation and the fact that today when the doctor's office called - they could potentially be ready to order the injections for me to start taking them to start our IUI cycle. That got us thinking a little bit... we've got so many questions and haven't actually seen or spoken with our doctor since our first visit in January... so we decided that before we do anything further we'd like to talk to him again.

We want to make sure that we are doing the best procedure that will give us a real viable opportunity to get pregnant... quickly.

Additionally, we realized that while we know that I've never ovulated... they have a good plan in place to make that happen for me, but from there - no one has any idea if my fallopian tubes are open - meaning that if we produce an egg... will it be able to meet us halfway on this deal?

We've never looked at that - which seems sort of odd... but when I suggested it to the nurse today - she thought it was a smart idea. Because, honestly - do we want to just spend the money on a shot in the dark - when in reality if something is wrong... we could have saved the money and applied it to the next bigger option (IVF). We just want to be good stewards of our money and be smart about how we go through this process.

If there isn't much hope that an IUI cycle will work - we don't want to go through that for several consecutive months... we'd rather just skip that step and move on... but either way - we want to understand what the doctor is thinking and how these decisions are being made... since we've only seen him once, and CLEARLY things get lost in translation between the nurses and me.

So as things stand right now:
  • I am meeting with the nurse on Tuesday at lunch time to schedule the diagnostic tests that will tell them everything they need to know about my anatomy. Right now - I only know of the test to send dye through my fallopian tubes to check for blockage... but there could be others.
  • I will have the tests done sometime in the next two weeks.
  • On August 3rd, we will meet with the doctor at lunchtime to get our questions answered... and get everything ordered/set up for our cycle.

I feel so much more at peace about everything... at least we know that our doctor has made a good significant difference in the quality of John's test results - and for right now they've got my hormones holding steady.

There hasn't been any change on my "mystery illness" but I'm trying to hang in there... I talked to the nurse at the fertility doctor's office, and she said that they could test me for some things when I come in - but she didn't seem to indicate that a pregnancy test would be on that list of tests - so I'm going to put the idea of that to rest.

I just have a general distrust of home pregnancy tests because my mother once told me that she never tested positive at home when she was pregnant with me... so I just wonder if my hormones will be more faint when it does happen? I don't know - I'm sure technology has come a long way since 1977, but it's still just something that I'm unsure about. I think I'll always be more comfortable with blood tests - because I feel like they are much more sophisticated.