Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Successful Event

Yesterday, Shell came out to one of our centers and put on an incredible day for our youth - the day included workshops on application/resume writing, interviewing skills, and etiquette. They fed them a lovely catered lunch from one of our local Mexican restaurants... of course the fajitas were yummy... but it was cute to watch them teach the kids about eating soup properly.

The highlight of the day though - was something called the Drum Cafe. It is a workshop that teaches team building and community through the use of drums and making music together to become one sound. I've never had so much fun in all my life... and I didn't even get to drum! I was behind the camera but it was amazing to see our youth having such a good time hearing a message that was extremely relevant to them.

I'm still looking for a video of what the experience is like, and I'll share that with you when I can... but until then - here are a few pictures of the experience.

This is the set up - each person gets their own drum...

The facilitator... his facial expressions cracked me up...

Here he is telling the kids about becoming one community... one voice in music.

Getting the crowd pumped up again...

Here they go with another drum pattern...
It is amazing to hear the sound that comes when all of the group gets going at the same rhythm. It was a very powerful experience for all of us, and our CEO immediately went and talked to them about the possibility of coming back and doing a program for our staff. I hope that they work that out - because I'd love to get to play along!
I think it was a day that those young people will remember for a long time - I know I will! I got about 500 pictures taken yesterday - my leg muscles are aching from all the crawling around I did to get the perfect shots... but I think that my boss and coworkers were pleased with the photos - so maybe that earned me the opportunity to get out and do a little more of the fun stuff that goes along with our part of the agency... it was the first time I'd gotten to see our flagship location - and it is truly a beautiful building right offering some great services in the heart of one of the worst parts of Houston.
I had no idea that we had a police storefront sitting right there in one of our buildings! It was a learning experience all the way around... and of course the ladies from Shell were a riot - I LOVED them!


  1. That looks like a really neat event! My husband would have loved it...he's a percussion instructor.

  2. Wow - that is so neat! I'm sure the kids will remember that for a long time. Kudos to you for doing such a great job with the pictures, even though you weren't feeling well. Hope you get to take more outings like this in the future - sounds like it was a blast!!

  3. This looked really cool! Would love to have been there~

  4. Wow! This looks amazing! And what fun for you!


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