Tuesday, July 14, 2009

No Answers

I got fed up with these crazy symptoms that I have been having lately - and decided that I was going to get in to see my doctor today. John went with me... and we told him all about my crazy fatigue, nausea, temperature issues, muscle aches, and the like... to which he really had no answers for me. Weird thing about the nausea is that it is totally different than most other types of nausea... meaning that the only thing that makes it even remotely go away is food.

I was shocked that he tested nothing... no blood work... nothing! That is so unlike him... and I've gotten a battery of tests run for FAR less symptoms.

He said that it could be dehydration, a virus, a bad batch of thyroid medicine, or none of the above... basically he said:

* Take naps when needed - gee - thanks!

* Drink a ton of water - because I'm not drinking or using the restroom enough

* Change to brand name only thyroid medicine - done

* Change my vitamin to the Bariatric Advantage High ADEK formula... which I also got their Acidophilus pills as well... since I've been having some digestive problems... couldn't hurt. I've been eating those Activia formula yogurts and cheeses... with no real results - so we'll see if this helps.

* Call him back if I don't feel better within 10 days... UGH! TEN DAYS?! I can't survive like this for 10 more days...

* Good news was that my blood sugar levels haven't changed since the last time he took them - which means that my shots are hanging in there pretty well - and if I could get myself off of all this sugar - they'd probably be even better.

The only other thing I think I'm going to try for right now is to find a over the counter iron supplement - because there is ZERO iron in these new vitamins... any suggestions are welcomed...

Oh, and I'm going to go ahead and suck it up and take a pregnancy test - just to clear up any possibility that it might be the cause of my symptoms... but when I told the doctor about it - he didn't seem to think that was the root of these problems... even though EVERY one of them is a symptom.... but I know he's probably right. ** Updated to add - took two tests this morning - one had an error... and no dice. I needed a miracle, but it isn't to be this time around... which only serves to convince me more than something is wrong... ugh!

I won't be around all day today... I'll be at my all day photo shoot for work... so once we get home - I'll probably crash & burn very early... thank goodness for John's birthday present (the new NCAA Football 2010 video game) keeping him entertained tomorrow night...

He's been great tonight too though - as we all would expect - I've been planted on the couch and he won't let me get off. I had to sneak in to get the sheets out of the dryer and got in a little trouble for that. He takes such GOOD care of me!!