Monday, July 13, 2009

Romantic Dinner

As a part of our Love Dare - Day 18 is to make a special dinner for your spouse and go all out. Last night was John's dinner... and it was AH. MAZING.

Here I am ready to enjoy the dinner that John made. He used the china which has RARELY been used in our house since we got married...

John made: Kensington Club Marinated Pork Chops with Mango Salsa, Garlic Roasted Fingerling Potatoes, Fresh Green Beans, and Garlic Cibatta Bread... recipes are going up on: Kim's Cuisine

For dessert we had Bananas Foster - minus the liquor...
My dinner will be next Saturday... and I've got some mighty big shoes to fill... so I've got to get cracking on planning a menu. If anyone has any ideas of recipes to WOW my man with - shoot me an email!


  1. looks delish! very very sweet of him. YOU DESERVE IT!

  2. Well that looks cotton-pickin' DELICIOUS!

  3. Yes, delicious-looking indeed! And you are very pretty in the photo...I think it should be your new profile pic. Love the shirt!

    Here's an idea for your meal: I recently made this pasta dish with shrimp/cream sauce, and it was so good:

    Serve it up with steamed broccoli and fresh fruit, and you'll keep moving toward those weight-loss goals.

  4. Wow! Yes, he's definitely a keeper.

    Are those sesame seed and sundried tomatoes on the green beans? Since green beans are our favorite, I like having different ways of preparing them.

    As for a dish that will wow him, I know of a great one, gourmet-ey but it is more of a fall recipe. I tend to do more of the one dish type meals so I can't think of any nice ones for spring.


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