Monday, July 13, 2009


Interesting... but so FUN! John wanted to take me shopping for his birthday - so on Friday night we went to dinner and then to Dress Barn for a little shopping fun.

I guess he got tired of seeing me in the same pants day after day... so the goal was to get me some new pants, but then he always enjoys dressing me up - so I ended up with some shirts too.

This one cracks me up - it's more casual, but for John - who hates the color orange - it's a huge step outside of his box.

This is a sort of camo type pattern - but it goes really well with some of my new pants...

I really like this shirt - it's got a sort of ruffle or tiered thing happening at the bottom - and it has silver flowers really delicately making a pattern on the shirt

Another purple and green top that goes really well with several different pair of my work pants

These pants are green... and very comfy!

Brown pants that are exactly the same as the green ones...

I desperately needed some khaki pants to wear to work on Tuesday - so I am thrilled that I found some.

I have to wear this polo or another color one just like it on Tuesday to work... hence the need for the khaki pants - because I can't wear jeans.
On Tuesday, I'll be spending the entire day out at one of our neighborhood centers taking photos of a youth event being put on by Shell. They've got an entire program including the Drum Cafe - which I am REALLY excited to see. From what I hear it is a deal where they have leaders on stage with drums... everyone in the audience gets a drum at their seat and it's an entire program about following along and non-verbal communication... LOVE IT!
They'll be doing a fajita lunch for the kids complete with an etiquette lesson for them... but the whole day is geared toward resume writing, interviewing skills, non-verbal communication... and other basic skills kids will need to get a job. I think it will be a great experience... and of course I'm SUPER excited to spend the day out of the office doing something that I enjoy. (lets just hope that my energy level can hang in there...)


  1. Cute clothes! You came home with a great haul. John gets an A+ for the orange shirt!! And for taking you shopping for his birthday. So sweet!!

    So is it tomorrow that you've got the event at the neighborhood center? (I worked through the weekend and have my days all mixed up.) I will be praying that your energy level stays high and that you have a great time!!

  2. Love the clothes!!!! How fun is it to be able to shop at Dress Barn!!!!!!

  3. You made out well for John's birthday! Love the new stuff! Really sweet hubby you have there, girl!

  4. Nice tops! Do you find that you tend to wear things you wouldn't ordinarily have worn in the past? I know I never used to wear print tops... I was a solid color girl only! :)

    Nice that you made out so well on HIS birthday. So sweet that his joy was in giving to you!

  5. What a sweet hubby to take you shopping on his birthday! Dress Barn is great and you got some really cute things! Hope your week goes well and your energy rises.


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