Saturday, July 25, 2009

Testing Complete

I meant to sit down and write this yesterday, but realized that I was more out of it than I originally thought. Apparently there were things that happened and were said during the test that I wasn't even aware of. Maybe that is because I was in so much pain - but I also blame the crazy amount of Benadryl that I was on too.

When we got to the testing facility - things went fine - until the one guy you meet right before the test tried to tell me that John couldn't come back into the testing room with me. Ummmm... not acceptable! We got that straightened out - I got changed and oddly enough had to do ANOTHER pregnancy test.

They made such a big deal about me having that blood pregnancy test and the results of that test with me for them to put with the files... but then they did another one right there on the spot?! Whatever...

They did an x-ray of my belly before explaining the procedure in it's entirety to both John and I... deep breaths... I'm not kidding when I tell you that the moment I saw a speculum in there - I knew it was going to be bad. Those are like some sort of torture device that I can't even explain...

So anyway - the doctor comes in and gets started... in which lets cue extreme nausea and pain for me...

The test went well - but I did have both tubes partially bocked - which I didn't really know until today. They had a hard time getting the dye to move through them at first, but now they are all clear. One side was a little more blocked than the other - but they didn't actually see any blockage exactly. It just had trouble moving through at first. Everything looks good and we're ready to move on with whatever the doctor decides with us at our meeting on August 3rd.

The only remaining odd thing was that there was a surgical clip in the general area of those organs that we aren't sure what it might be from. All of my reproductive organs look good - and I'm unsure if that might be something on my intestine from my Gastric Bypass Surgery, but if Dr. Mac can't help us figure it out - we'll have him send those images over to Dr. Weinstein to see if he can tell us what it is. Our only concern is that we don't want it to become a problem for the baby or for me when things start to stretch.

Overall, it was a good successful day. The killer was that I forgot to take the Tylenol before the test because I was so worried about getting in my steroids and Benadryl... so I took it completely without any sort of pain/inflammation reducer.

I guess now though - I know what to expect for the actual insemination... or at least I assume that it is pretty similar in terms of the instruments used. Maybe the next time it won't induce a serious nausea reflex... but of course who knows. There will be much more at stake during that visit - so I'm sure that I'll be REALLY keyed up to begin with.

We've been resting most of today - we did venture out and get a little shopping done today... but John went with me - because I still am not feeling completely well. I am having some sort of residual migraine... I've had it since we were about half way home yesterday and I'm not sure if it has more to do with the Benadryl/Prednizone combination therapy or what the issue is, but I sincerely hope that it is gone by tomorrow.


  1. I am so glad that you did this before ya'll did the other treatments! Now hopefully you will get feeling better soon.

  2. My IUIs were not bad at all Kim. Minor discomfort, so maybe you have the worst of it behind you with this test!

  3. Your IUI should be much easier than that. They take alot less time and there is no dye to push up there!


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