Sunday, July 26, 2009

Mellow Sunday

I've told you guys before that I'm married to an amazing man, but he really is a trooper... I owe him so much! He takes amazing care of me while I'm so sickly. I truly could never come up with words that would mean as much as how grateful I really am.

A few weeks ago - I was sitting in our living room looking down the hallway toward our front door, and noticed something only Jenn I. would understand... but check out the symbolism on my front door! Do any of you see something symbolic there? (you might have to look sideways)

I had to make a quick return to Bed Bath & Beyond... and that store is just a bad place for John and I to be set loose together. We ended up with some great coasters with our monogram on them - and just before we left... we saw a door mat that we both REALLY liked. So of course we bought it. This is what greets you at our front door now.

It has been a pretty low key weekend - being that I still feel like crud from the test. I suspect that the Benadryl, Steroids, and antibiotics are still running rampant in my blood stream... and I know for sure that they are causing me to have trouble keeping up with my liquid intake.
My eye sight is horrible right now - steroids totally jack up my eyes for about a week. Just long enough for me to need glasses, but not long enough for me to ever get used to wearing them. UGH!
I still don't really know what's going on with the rest of my symptoms, but I do know that the sinuses are acting crazy again. DARN IT! I'm praying that the antibiotics that they had me take for the HSG will just go ahead and knock it out. I've been taking my allergy medicine hoping that it will help too - but at this point - it just proves to make things more challenging.
I wonder if by now my body is just sick and tired of being on the continual birth control pill therapy... it's been since April that I've been taking them nonstop - meaning that I only take the active pills - no week break in between. Maybe that is causing the exhaustion, nausea, and headaches? Who knows.
The fatigue panel that my RE's office drew should be back sometime this week - so we'll see if that gives us any news that we might be able to use to make it go away. I'm not really sure what the therapy for that would be, but if it's anything other than vitamins - we'll have to seriously think about that before adding anything new. I'd rather start getting off of anything that I can before we get pregnant. I know that my doctors are being careful to only put me on things that I can continue after that point, but the less that I'm taking - the better.
So - I've been banned to the couch again for today - and have even gotten some grief from the husband the few times that I've gotten up... but he's taking great care of me, and I thank God that he put John in my life!
One more picture for the road...

This is Missy enjoying her "church treat" (a special dental treat that they get every Sunday after church) and the way she is laying cracks me up. She looks like a squished frog in the road... so cute! She has been taking good care of me too - or well - taking total advantage of having someone to cuddle up with all day.
Back to work tomorrow - but it's a short week... we're off on Friday because my Dad, stepmother, and the kids are all coming to town. My Dad and Lynne have a annual summer camp at their house for two weeks for the grandkids to come spend some time at their house... and they are flying in with all 5 kids (3 grandkids and their 2 kids). We're meeting them at the airport to help taxi the kids home. HA!
Next weekend will be a busy one with my family in the area, and then it's also our niece Taylor's (on John's side - we have two nieces named Taylor) 7th birthday party... so we'll be making the rounds to hang out with everyone! Can anyone tell me what I'll likely be doing after church next Sunday too?! Yep - probably napping heavily! I wouldn't miss the time hanging out with everyone though... my Dad and family haven't seen John since before his surgery - and I'm so excited for them to see him in person.

Have a great night, friends. If you don't mind saying a few prayers for me tonight - I would appreciate it greatly.
1) That God will help me struggle through whatever is going on in my body until we can get the answers... and if it miraculously went away tonight - that'd be even better!
2) For my friend Summer, she's having her first IVF egg retrieval tomorrow - and I know she would appreciate prayers that it all goes well. She is one of the sweetest people I have met through the blog world, and it's been a rough road for her... so she deserves every happiness and success with this cycle.
3) For all women out there trying to overcome infertility - because it truly is a battle that has extreme highs and lows...
4) For all women out there that are pregnant - because a baby is a gift from God, and all of them should be lifted up and wrapped in prayer.


  1. Hmmm, to me the door looks like eyes or glasses but since it looks fairly obvious, I am guessing that it is not that.

    Are they weaning you off the steroids? I know some of them need to be weaned and the Dr's don't always bother to tell that. My Dad went cold turkey because of his Drs not mentioning it and it made him really sick.


  2. Well OF COURSE I can see the symbolism! It didn't take me one second to see it! How AWESOME is that?!? Someone at church asked me if I knew the name of the fish charm I wear every day, and I said "Why of course! It's an ichthys!" I suppose it seems strange that of all the symbols of faith that are commonly worn by people I would choose this one...I guess I love the simplicity but uniqueness of the design but even more so, the story behind it. And the fact that it's a reminder that Jesus was a "fisher of men" just as we are to be. Tell John he gets a big old THUMBS UP for that one!

    I'm sorry that your body is really struggling. It never dawned on me that you were taking BC pills constantly without that week in between, although I do remember you saying it. It makes total sense that it would have some effect on your body. How great that your hubby is supportive and insists that you get rest. So important...

    You know those prayers keep going up for ya...

    I have my annual today with the bonus VUS...lucky, lucky me! We'll see what doc says. Yesterday I had back cramps so mood was pretty much that of a bear with a sore butt. I was WIPED the heck OUT. Feel so much better today, but in the back of my mind, I'm hoping that one day soon Aunt Flo stops coming for a visit... :-)

  3. I wonder if any part of your not feeling well is simply (and not so simply) stress related from all the fertility stuff. I just hope they get to the bottom of it! Are your ten days up yet.
    You remain in my prayers!


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