Saturday, August 1, 2009

Cell Phones

I am coming to you live from the car! I think that is pretty neat. 

We are on the way to my sister's restaurant for breakfast with the I the only person on the planet that hates breakfast food? Anyway, we are starting the day there to see her new venture. (The reason we haven't heard from her in like 3 months.)

From there we will go back to her house to hang out until time to leave for the Wizard of Oz party for our niece. I can't wait to see all the should be cute. Of course for her the highlight will be the giant inflatable water slide my sister in law rented for the day.

Dinner back at my sister's house where our other sister, from Dallas, will be joining us...then judging by yesterday we will leave and I will be completely delirious. I crashed and burned last night at 8:15! Today is MUCH more action packed too. Lets see if I can get out of bed for church in the morning. Please keep our prayers for wisdom and peace in yours this weekend. Also pray for my friend Summer, we are praying that her embryos implant and continue to grow big and strong.


  1. No you are not the only one who hates breakfast foods. I can finally eat scrambled eggs without gagging, I eat maybe 6 pieces of bacon a year, and hate sausage.

    Now I like pancakes but that is the nutritional equivalent of sitting down with the sugar bowl. French Toast is good, and marginally better than pancakes (at least they contain eggs).

    Have a fun day!

  2. I would so eat breakfast food for dinner if I could as I love it so much. Eggs, especially either over easy with toast or scrambled with cheese. Yum!


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