Sunday, August 2, 2009

Family Visit

The visit with my family this weekend was wonderful - lots of laughs, lots of fun, and naturally - tons of yummy food too!

Over the last three months - my oldest sister, Cathi has been working to help one of her friends open a restaurant... so we got up extra early on Saturday and headed there for breakfast. Her restaurant is called Toad Hollow Ice House - on Lake Somerville. If you're ever in Burton, TX or on Lake Somerville - look them up!! It's fantastic!

On with the photos:

John & Joshy... two peas in a pod.

Brittany and her Dad, Kevin... Kevin is Cathi's husband.

Megan (my oldest niece - 13) working at the restaurant.

Kevin took some of the kids out fishing before breakfast - and Megan's shoes broke... so I had to get a picture of her running around in the restaurant barefooted

My little sister, Gabby - looking cuter than ever!

Megan with my sister, Cindy's, daughter Taylor. This Taylor is two months younger than our other niece named Taylor.

Brittany and Gabby playing with Kevin's new puppy, Nitro.

Taylor making her Mommy a picture

Cindy's husband, Robert, enjoying some football talk with John.

Some of the ladies watching a movie... Lynne & Gabby on the left - Megan and Taylor on the right.

Those are the best pictures of the family from the weekend - I got a couple of my sisters and my Dad, but they aren't great pictures - so I'll refrain from putting them up. HA! They'll all be back - hopefully - for Labor Day weekend... so maybe I'll get some more shots of them then.


  1. Lovely restaurant! What kind of cuisine are they doing? I love the rustic look of it! Looks like you had an awesome weekend!


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