Saturday, August 15, 2009

Husband with a Death Wish

It's no secret that John has been pulling more than his share of the duties around the house over the last 6 weeks or so... but I think it's starting to get to him... or maybe he's suicidal? HA!

Seriously, we've got two stories from the last 48 hours that could have potentially burned the house down... or exploded it - depending on how you look at it.

Story #1

Thursday night - John cooked us a lovely dinner... sweet & sour pork chops over jasmine rice... everything went well - except that my stomach has been seriously pulling the nausea card after dinner for the last few nights... and Thursday night was one of the worst.

So we finished dinner, and by 8:30 - John sent me to bed. He packed up the leftovers from dinner for his lunch the next day... and came to bed around 10 or so. Never realizing that he'd left the gas burner on the stove on.

You'd think that we'd smell it the next morning, right? Nope.

We got ready, went to work... stopped for dinner on the way home last night... and it wasn't until we got home from work... almost 24 hours after the burner had been turned on... that we realized that it had been left on.

So we opened all the windows in the house, turned off the A/C for about an hour... and all was well. Other than it got fairly hot because you know... Texas heat and all.

We were so lucky... I mean it freaks me out to know that they are building two houses next to us... and all the equipment that is around here all the time with flames and the like... it could have really been bad.

We are grateful that Jesus had us in his hands on this one!

Story #2

While I made my marathon trip to WalMart for the next two weeks - John went to get a haircut and brought home breakfast tacos from Taco Cabana... well... he got home shortly before me - so he added cheese to our tacos and put them in the warming drawer on the bottom of the stove.

Where most stoves have that random drawer where you keep pots and pans - ours is actually functional for keeping food warm. It has an element which John thought was protected to be kept away from the food so that it doesn't get too hot.

Guess again...

Poor guy put the bag and everything in the drawer to keep it warm until I got home and we got the groceries put away... only to find out quickly that the bag was burning.

What am I going to do with him?? I guess make him get some more sleep - but also - there will be no cooking in our house today. Since we'll be eating at two different parties tonight - I think that we'll surely have enough there to fill us up for the evening... and probably more calories than we've had in the last few days.

Tomorrow - I'll be doing the cooking... no plans to cook for lunch tomorrow - but then I'm trying a new recipe "Honey Pecan Chicken" tomorrow night... so look for that on the Kim's Cuisine blog in the next few days. I'm on the hunt for recipes regularly... and have a lovely stockpile. My goal is to try one or two a week if I can manage it.

Anyway - hopefully that will give him a nice long break from playing with any of our kitchen appliances... and maybe reset his little pyromaniac tendency back to normal.


  1. Oh dear! Well at least the house didn't burn down. I have set a few things on fire myself.

  2. Yesterday I caught a ride home with Bishop & Miss Rose after church. When they arrived, one of their sons came in and said their back window was down but wouldn't roll up & we had rain coming. So one of the fellas managed to push it up & secure it with blue tape. I was sitting by that window when we left church. We swung by a store after church where Pastor had gone to grab some chips that were on sale (he got a couple bags for Bishop); we pulled up in front of the store & Pastor was there, sorta playing, sticking his foot out into the street & pulling it back. I had a total "DUH" moment and hit the "down" button for the window so I could yell "Wanna play chicken, CHICKEN??!?" As soon as I did, Bishop & Miss Rose both yelled "NO!" but by that time, the window was halfway down. Luckily, we were able to get it back up and secure it with the blue tape again.

    BLUE TAPE. 6" from my face and somehow I forgot in that one moment that the window didn't work!

    I can totally sympathize with John. Although I doubt anyone would call him a Certifiable Ding Dong...

  3. Yes, you two were certainly being watched over! I've left a burner on before and now am so careful! I even left it on once with a glass pan on top of it and when my FIL went to pick up the pan, of course, he burnt himself!


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