Sunday, August 23, 2009

Mad Scientist

As previously promised... I took some photos of John mixing my medicine tonight. I left out the actual injection into my stomach for those of you that need to be spared from such medical truths. Hopefully these photos give you a small glimpse into what we're doing - without grossing anyone out.

The cast of characters - minus John and I... two needles, two vials of medicine, one prefilled syringe, and an alcohol swab... good times. Can anyone believe that these little tiny items cost $120?!

They trained me to release half of the liquid from the prefilled this is John doing that very carefully.

The biggest needle that I've ever seen! It's the mixing needle... but this was the one that I originally freaked out about... I mean seriously - you could fit a BB up that thing!!

Cleaning the top of the medicine vial...

Putting the prefilled liquid into the medicine vial... you two this step twice. You mix everything into the one vial - then suck it back into the syringe, and do everything over again in the second vial.

John mixing the second vial...but I just loved that the cross hanging in our stairway is clearly visible... we are certainly relying on his grace to get us through all of this.

Releasing any remaining air bubbles... and we're ready to go...

I don't know if you can tell it very well in this shot but the actual needle for my injection is a lot shorter and smaller than the mixing one. It's still longer than my needles for my other injections that I take for my blood sugar - but it's manageable.
There you have it folks... we do this every night around 5:00 - until Tuesday when we'll go back for the next appointment and find out what happens next. We might have our cycle canceled - we might have to adjust the number of vials down to one a day or up to three a day... they'll let us know before our shot on Tuesday.


  1. You know I did fine reading all the information until I got to the very last picture and text. Then I had a picture of that needle going into flesh and my stomach rolled.

    THAT is why I didn't go to nursing school. I have a slight phobia of needles.

    OK, I get light headed watching someone else getting a shot. I can't even watch it on TV.

    Ironically, I give my dogs some of their shots, but I can't see it go into the skin because the hair is in the way.

  2. Man, I remember when the BB needle showed up and you flipped out! Bet you're mighty glad it has a purpose other than going through your skin, huh? :)


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