Sunday, August 23, 2009

Small Group Game Night

We had our final summer meeting with our small group yesterday at our house. We finished the study a few weeks ago, but wanted to get everyone together again for a fun event to just enjoy spending time together - all the kids were invited... (10 in all)

To keep the kids entertained we set up a slip n slide in the backyard along with having movies ready to go once they got tired. Believe it or not - they were great, kept the mess to one room of the house - and even allowed their parents to play games with minimal interruptions.

Here are some photos of the day:

The kids waiting for their turn on the slip n slide

Miss V... taking her turn

Miss B taking hers...

Miss A making a big splash...

Miss J making an entry into the splash pool...

One family all piled into the splash pool...

Miss L... enjoying some time in the water.

Alice in Wonderland keeping the kids entertained...

The mess stayed pretty contained, just like this... and was cleaned up before they left. Gotta love GREAT parents!!

Miss C - enjoying a cupcake to the fullest

Miss L eating her cupcake as well... they were a HUGE hit! (Thanks Laura!)

Miss A eating a cookie

Mr. H enjoying his taco

Mr. S showing me his classic grin... this boy is just adorable.

The adults getting ready for our first game of the night - Apples to Apples... we also played the 90's version of Trivial Pursuit in teams.
It was a great night spent with some wonderful friends, and was well worth all the prep that we did during the day yesterday. John spent literally from 7AM until 2PM working in the yard... in the extreme heat - it looks great though - even though we have some typical Houston burn spots in the yard. With the drought we've had - it is extremely hard to keep the yard green.
This morning, we recognized each couple that went through our study this past semester. I wasn't able to be in there - I filled in for one of our group members in the nursery... but each couple was given a plaque like this. One of our group members, Laura, is extremely talented and made them for everyone.
Part of the study asked everyone (either individually or as a couple) to make an acrostic with the letters in the word Love... so we typed them all up and formatted them... and Laura made the frames. We hope that it will be a reminder to them in the months and years to come of their commitment to each other. We are looking for a good place to hang ours in the house that would allow us to see it everyday and remember.
That about wraps up our weekend. I took a good nap this afternoon and made 3 necklaces and a set... so a little progress was done there as well. I'll keep plugging away this week on the jewelry stuff - hopefully it'll keep my mind off of all the baby stuff as much as possible.


  1. See, this is the kind of stuff that I really miss about being in a larger church. Looks like a fun time had by all. Wouldn't mind taking a ride on that slip 'n slide myself! ;-)

  2. ooooh, looks like you guys had fun. Sorry we missed it. Did we get a frame?


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